Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blogger cannot upload photos tonight.

Max tried to wake me this morning by stepping all over me, kneading my quilt and purring very close to my face. Sister S said he tried the same tricks on her yeaterday, and she kicked him out from the bed. No diarrhoea last night.

The calico was meowing pitifullyin the morning, I wasn't sure what she wanted. I hope her kittens are not in danger. I have not seen her kittens actually, after all these weeks.

Hat is looking fatter. Which is weird, because I am only feeding him once a day.

Mera got his biscuits too.

Auntycat preferred to have biscuits today, and made mmmmm sounds when she was eating. BH2 bit me when he was rolling on the ground.

I had to go to the post office this morning, so I told Max I really had to leave at 9am. He just sat there looking at me. Spencer was already asleep on the kitchen table.


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