Sunday, September 17, 2006

The calico had been screaming, and Spencer joined in the chorus too.

And calico poo-ed, so I had to discard the towel.

Then it rained really heavily at 5pm, so Spencer went to bed.

I was nursing a huge headache, and I gave some food to the calico, but she didn't want it. This went on for another hour, and I tried to give her some biscuits again. Luckily she ate, and screamed for more. I gave her some wet food, and she ate that too. She was wailing, as if calling for her kittens. With a full belly, she calmed down sufficiently to try to wash herself, and even managed a small nap. I waved the oven mitt in front of her, and she responded.

She is such a young cat, and she is already a mother, and I am glad to have neutered her before her heat starts again. At certain angles, she looks like Hat. Posted by Picasa


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