Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hat, not looking like a rascal for a change.

Mera slept until 6pm, then he moved onto my bed. Hat came at 6pm also, but he didn't come in. I let him eat biscuits outside.

After dinner, I saw Mera at the void deck, so I brought him to 5th floor. When we came out from the lift, a lady screamed at the sight of Mera. Normally before the lift stopped, I would peep to see if there is anyone. If there is, I would carry Mera. This time, I didn't see her as she was standing at the edge, for whatever reasons! I just apologised and walked away. Silly woman! Never saw a cat catching a lift before?

I brought the calico to the vet today, for neutering. More on that later. Posted by Picasa


At 9:01 pm, Blogger san said...

Silly woman to scream and frighten a kitty who was just taking the lift to go eat:)

At 12:35 pm, Blogger Mary said...

Beautiful Hat.


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