Thursday, September 28, 2006

The vet called me at 12pm, to tell me YellowBoy was ready for collection. I went to the et at 3pm, just in case YellowBoy was not awake yet. He actually looked very alert and normal. if not for the tipped ear, one really can't tell he had gone through sedation earlier. The vet didn't charge me for the tipping, bless his heart, just for consultation and sedation.

I let YellowBoy rest in the cage, he meowed for food. I gave him some wet food with juice, and he ate that slowly, until the bowl was clean. Then he napped a bit, until Hat dropped by. Hat was being friendly, but YellowBoy wanted none of that, growling and hissing.

I released him at 5pm, seeing that he is really OK. He actually walked into the carrier willingly. He yowled at Hat before leaving the house, and Mera jumped up with a start from his snooze.

YellowBoy was a bit dazed at first, and tried to follow me. I saw him napping behind the pillar at 7pm. Posted by Picasa


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