Thursday, October 05, 2006

Winking Max. It is an old photo, from July 06.

Spencer was grooming herself when I reached home. The bedsheet still smells terribly fishy, so it is back to the washing machine.

I heard Auntycat but when I went down again, she had gone home.

Calico had her dinner, but BH2 and her kids were not seen.

The uncle did the night feeding again, so I don't think our schedule is working out at all. The cats are still eating 4 times a day. Or rather, the calico is.

YellowBoy was so excited, he ran towards me with bottle brush tail.

Hat saw me walking to the opposite block, so he followed me there. And saw YellowBoy. YellowBoy snarled at him. Hat was so upset he refused to come up with me. He made me chase him all over the garden.

I have an early meeting tomorrow, and I just want to let Hat have a big dinner so he won't be hungry if he misses breakfast tomorrow. Normally if I tells him beforehand, he would come up at 7am. Auntycat is a late riser, so she may miss the breakfast gong. Posted by Picasa


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