Tuesday, December 12, 2006

BH2 and calico aka Bonnie & Clyde were at it again this morning. Bh2 was sleeping on Hat's park bench, and Mera on his own. Mera rejected his breakfast, and just glared at BH2.

I wanted to take Hat upstairs, but he ran away, and almost got knocked sown by a bicycle. I went upstairs to do tha laundry, and just before 10am, Hat appeared IN the house, and started to chomp Spencer's biscuits.

He hasn't enter the house for two months already.

I gave him some wet food and Nutro biscuits. He is surviving quite well on one meal a day.

I saw Mera when I reached home, so I gave him some biscuits. At least he gets to eat something. I suspect his mum is not taking care of him at all. Posted by Picasa


At 10:16 pm, Blogger san said...

he is very lucy to have you cat_aunty. If not, whah Life would be worse.

At 4:59 am, Blogger Kimo & Sabi said...

That's quite the staredown!


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