Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hat, in the sunlight.
He was in quite a good mood after breakfast, hanging around on the corridor, grooming and pouncing on me. I noticed that he prefers to eat the wet and dry food separately. He would eat some biscuits, then some fish, then back to biscuits. He is actually quite stout now. He has double chins.
The sun was bright, so Auntycat was also rolling about in the garden, stretching. Mera asked for belly rubs. He wanted more food, so I brought him upstairs and gave him biscuits. He left after that.
When I reached home, I sat Hat sitting with a group with hooligans. They were not interacting, just a white cat sitting at the feet of a group of smoking Ah Bengs. I just hope Hat won't pick up this filthy habit too.
Later he fought with calico at the power station. Sigh.


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