Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was cleaning house, and the noises and activities disturbed Mera. At 2pm, he decided to leave the house. Seeing that the weather was lovely, I let him out, after giving him some snacks.
Spencer was in a state, and could not sleep a wink. This morning when the laundryman was here, instead of running away, she actually stared at the man. The man called out to her, mi mi mi! and Spencer just sat still, glared and twitched her nose. Damn funny. I never realised Spencer could be so brave. Kiki always ignores the man, he would just eat his food with the head down.
Kiki dropped by, and ate two cans, plus a mountain of biscuits.
Even Hat dropped by. He ate biscuits too.
Now all the kitties seem to prefer Nutro and IAMS Light, instead of Friskies.
After dinner, I tried to look for Mera. Only Auntycat and Hat responded to my key rings. Mera's dad saw me, and told me Mera has been at his place the whole day. I was quite relieved.


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