Friday, March 16, 2007

Lifted this off It would have been rude, if it isn't so funny!
Saw Hat at the back of the coffeeshop when I came back. He was surprised to see me. He sat up and meowed at me, then he followed me home. Nice.
Kiki and Mayo were sitting inside the house. When I started to unlock the door, I saw Kiki trying to climb out of the gate. And he threw himself at it several times. His owner screamed. Hat just shrugged and walked into the house, past Spencer.
While I was opening the store room door to get a can of fish for Hat, I stepped into a puddle.......of URINE!!! EEEEEEEK!
When I left the house, Hat and Spencer were in. Mera can jump in through the window. Hat and Kiki only know how to jump out.
So it could be:
1) Mera pee-ed as a protest or the bins had been used
2) Hat pee-ed as a sign of fear or the bins had been used
3) Spencer pee-ed because she is incontinent
I don't know. This is the first time this has happened.


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