Monday, March 19, 2007

Naughty ginger rascal.
Saw Kindly Neighbour and her husband last night, when I came back from work. Mera saw us, and approached. He chose uncle, which was a surprise, as he has been scared of uncle since he was a kitten. But Mera knows who has been kind to him, and uncle had been involved in saving his life, at least twice.
Kindly Neighbour told me she saw calico and gingerkitten grooming each other on top of someone's lorry. I told her it happens all the time. Sometimes the grooming becomes headlock session. She also told me during CNY, when she was helping me with the kitties, Max ate up every other cat's portions. But she likes Max though, she finds him cute.
I took Mera up, and he saw Kiki. He started to puff up and show Kiki his broad side. I carried him inside, and Kiki came in too. Both toms had their dinner. Kiki had two plates.
Then Kiki went to sit outside, as it was humid. When dad arrived from the airport, he said hello.


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