Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dinner tonight: stir-fried broc oli with carrots chinese sausages and shitake mushrooms. Winter melon soup with red dates and pork bones
Mera was resting at the garden at 5pm, so I carried him up. He ate lots of biscuits. Then he came again at 6pm, ate some biscuits again. I went down to look for him after dinner, and carried him to the 5th floor.
Spencer is grooming on the sofa, as I had changed a new cover. She had already napped underneath.
Saw Yb chatting with Weirdtom and the ginger tom with stumpy tail. The calico doesn't like Weirdtom, and bashed him up during the breakfast frenzy. Yb retaliated later, and chased calico.


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