Saturday, April 28, 2007

That was the uncle. He was carrying the white kitten, followed by KK and Macky. The tabby kitten is gone though. He told me Ginger is spending time with weirdtom under the shed. Sigh. We may be too late then.
It was raining heavily this morning. I fed Calico and Yb at the void deck, BH2 Macky KK ate at the power station. He told me he bought SnappyTom 400g for $1.20.

Max and Spencer had their breakfast, then I cleaned the house. The laundryman came, and was excited to see Max. He asked Max what happened to all his fur. Max just scowled. I was mopping, and before the floor was dry, Max vomitted. Gaah! Spencer was clever enough to stay on the pc table. I bathed Max after that, and he was so upset he refused to look at me. His fur is short, and he was dry after 2 hours. After that he kept asking for food, following me around, staring at me with his orange eyes. I put some FancyFeast in his SD biscuits, and he ate heartily.

I went to the supermarket, and when I came back, Max had vomitted again. These things are sent to try us!!

I try to get the kitties to go to bed, but Max was agitated, following me around, looking for distractions. I let him and Spencer shared one can.

Cat food delivery came. I let Spencer sleep on one of the flattened cartons, and she relaxed, sleeping belly up. Unfortunately they mixed up the order. They sent me a 1kg bag of IAMS Light instead of the 3kg, and Spencer had run out of biscuits completely, and they won't be able to exchange for me until Monday. Spencer has to survive on FF and IamsMulti then.

Spencer went to the wardrobe to sleep, and Max was still out of sorts. He didn't want to rest. He just kept eating and drinking.

Kiki came at 6pm, luckily he was also wary of Max. Max jumped onto the kitchen table for safety. Kiki ate some biscuits and left.
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At 7:23 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Wonder if white kitty search for the other adopted kitty. She is alone now. Hope Macky babysit and play with her.


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