Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Spencer has been well behaved. She didn't wake me up at 7am but stayed in her basket until I woke up, then she ate last night's leftover. She still stayed out at the corridor, looking and looking. Then she came in and sat at a corner, looking glum. She was still jumpy.

Mera came at 9am, even though it wasn't raining. He was polite enough to sit outside and only came in after I called him and opened the door. He ate and went to bed on top of the wardrobe, with his catnip. I thought maybe the wound was making him sick and feverish.

Hat came too and decided to stay in after breakfast. It was just as well, at least they could keep Spencer company, though I doubt two snoring tom cats are going to cheer her up very much.

Apparently when mum arrived, the three cats were still around, Mera had woken after hearing noises but the other two were still in bed. Kiki was hanging around and was frustrated he couldn't come in as mum was locking the door. Apparently he knocked on the door with his paws. Mum let him in and hoped that the cats don't have a four way fight. Kiki would have been disappointed to find no food left in the house afterall!


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