Sunday, March 26, 2006

Max getting ready to jump on to the water table.

I had a bath at 11.30am after mopping floor, and when I came out, I thought I saw a big cat at the door. I put on my glasses, and realised it was Kiki!! He had done another great escape!

He came in, chirruping in his own special way. He went to talk to Spencer in the store room. I gave him one can, then he played with his catnip pillow. I was unpacking cat food, and the cats played in the boxes. His owner didn't seem to be too worried about his disappearance though. I wonder if Spencer SMS him to come, so as to beat Hat up.

Kiki had a nap after attacking newspapers, went out, then came back at 2pm for afternoon tea. Spencer was sleeping on her high shelf, and Kiki wanted to talk to her, so he jumped up too. Spencer wasn't too impressed, and swiped at him. Kiki didn't dare to jump down the 5 ft shelf (!!?) and managed to sweep all the trinkets onto the floor. Sigh. Eventually I had to lure him down with some food. Silly boy.

He left again, hopefully going home to have his afternoon nap!


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