Friday, September 15, 2006

Posted by Picasa Hat is having problem with his left eye. It is shut, even when he is awake, which he is not, because he is sleeping. It looks alright in this picture.

I reached home late, because I went to the pet shop to get a new carrier, and cat food supplies. I rang the keys, and saw Hat running towards me from the left hand side, and BH2 and calico running towards me. Hat never followed me upstairs. When I went down again with food, Hat was sitting on the fire hydrant. I gave food to BH2 and calico, and Hat approached. The calico mauled him. Hat became very upset, running away from me, dashing up trees and coming down again. I let him be, and he came up eventually. He went to bed after dinner. This calico likes to maul others. This morning when BH2 bumped into her during the breakfast frenzy, she clawed his face too.

I normally just feed them once, but they get hungry on raing nights.

When I came back from dinner, I saw Mera sitting on the corridor waiting for me. I gave him biscuits and fish. He had his dinner and left. Clever Mera!

Spencer is grumpy today.


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