Friday, September 15, 2006

I brought Mera up this morning, as he was sleeping in the pergola. He had a proper breakfast, biscuits and wet food, but he didn't stay. Hat and Auntycat had their breakfasts at the garden.

I fed YellowBoy before I went to work. He was very excited when I laid out the papers, but he didn't finish the food. While waiting for him to finish, I saw the calico calling her two kittens. She had moved them, and even I didn't see them anymore. So I guess the calico would eat a little when I give her the food, and I would leave, and she would call the kittens to come out and eat, then they hide again. This calico is a good mother. Yellowboy ate slowly, and washed carefully after his meals.

BH2 has a little belly already. I hope it is not worms!

The tupperware containing Yellowboy's biscuits had come loose, and I had Friskies all over in my bag on my way home. Haha. Posted by Picasa


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