Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sister J and I released the calico after dinner, at 8pm. She was alert and seemed ready to be discharged. She walked into the cage readily when I opened the gate.

At the power station, she was a bit disoriented, maybe because of the rain as well. Just then Sister J saw a kitten peeping from a corner, and we called at the calico. She must have heard them too, as she ran back to join the ginger and tabby kittens. It was good to know they are alright, maybe a bit scared and worried coz their mum disappeared, but they stayed at the post.
I left them some food.

I went to the opposite block to feed YellowBoy. Half way through, the uncle came, whistling for the cats. I thought he was looking for the fat tabby, so I kept quiet. He walked one round, and approached me. He asked me if I had seen a brown cat. I asked him if it was brown or yellow. He confirmed it was yellow, so I showed him YellowBoy eating in a dark corner. He thanked me for feeding YellowBoy. And he asked me about the kittens. I told him I had only seen 2 so far, after the initial 7 and later 4. He hoped they had been adopted. He told me he was worried, because the cat mother has been missing for 2 days. I told him about the calico, and he thanked me again for neutering her and taking care of her.

He is quite a nice uncle. I am glad there is someone else who cares about calico too. And it was nice to be thanked for something which you had done, especially when you didn't expected any.

I hope the calico, BH2 and her kittens will be alright. Posted by Picasa


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