Friday, November 17, 2006

The calico was being a pain again. She followed me all over the place during the breakfast round, jumping on Hat and Auntycat. She even tried to challenge Mera. Only after I went upstairs, then I saw her starting to eat. I mean, all the food comes out from one can!!

I saw Mera sleeping under his dad's bike, so I called him in order to check on his wound. I had some food and the medicines with me.

Mera looked at me from under the plastic sheet, pouting, refusing to budge. The swelling has gone down.

Then I thought I heard some mewings. It surely didn't sound like Mera.

I looked at Mera again.

His lips were still pursed, and not likely to make any sound. If he did, he would have come out already and ask for tummy rubs.

I tried to see if there is another cat hiding under the plastic sheet, but it was all metal under my touch.

The mewing sound again.

Mera was still pouting.

Then Mera came out from under the plastic sheet, stretched, and yawned.

He didn't want any breakfast.

And BH2 also appeared from under the plastic sheet.


What was these two doing, both hiding under the same plastic sheet????

Anyway, I fed Mera his medicine, and put some ointment on him. He stormed off, and BH2 ate the food. Posted by Picasa


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