Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mera approached me for tummy rubs this morning, and I locked him in promptly so I could get ready for the vet. Mera kicked up a huge fuss in the room, in the cage, in the taxi and at the vet. I think he felt he is not ill enough to warrant a vet trip!!

The vet asked who did Mera fight with, and how come Mera still loses in fights, he being so big size. I told him I don't know who is the opponent. The vet said for all you know, the other guy has a even more swollen face! Based on the record, Mera has not been injured for the last 18 months, so that means either he has been lying low, or he has been winning all the fights! As usual, injuries to the face mean that the fight was serious, and Mera could lose his eye, if the other tom is fierce enough. Mera has also been apprehensive lately, not as relaxed and confident as before.

But we both agreed that this wound is not as bad as the one he got 2 years ago on the right cheek, messy with blood and pus.

So he was given an anti inflammatory injection, ointment to apply and antibiotics for 7 days. I will tell Mera's mum to try to keep him in for the next few nights. Posted by Picasa


At 11:55 am, Blogger san said...

POOR THING Mera~~~. The Wild Bunch has not come to nay blows that I can see except FB. he had a whole clump of fur missing on his flank which has now grown again. The Calico Mom has some scruffs but not serious. Mera seems like a weary soldier. :(


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