Thursday, January 18, 2007

I noticed that when I scratched Mera's back, the part where the tail starts, he would make a biting motion, and he must chew something. Strange. Only FatMi had the same reaction.

Mera's progress report

Sang at the top of his voice, because he wanted to poo. There are three perfectly clean bins for him to choose from. The stools were plenty and solid. After that, he calmed down and went back to sleep.

Hungry but didn't want wet food. Chomped plenty of biscuits.

Kiki appeared at the door, asking for breakfast. He knew Mera is in the room. Later Kiki fell asleep.

I came back from the doctor, and Mera was still sleeping. I gave him some water to drink. Kiki is still here, sleeping on the cabinet, and Spencer in her basket.

The weather was sunny, so I thought he might wanted a walk. The laundryman just came, so he is awake anyway. He loitered and rolled on the pavement, then the grass, then the bench. I was smart enough to bring a book along. Mera even pee on the grass. He did his usual grooming, then he patrolled another part of the garden. He was perfectly alright, until some kids started to scream. He took fright, and started to run. At first I thought it was some Indian teenagers. Later I saw that Mera is actually afraid of three kids, who were running about. Mera was so afraid, he went up to Auntycat's block, and hid at the staircase. Were the three kids the one who had abused him? Mera refused to budge, so I carried him back. He ran up the staircase by himself, very fast. Then he went straight into the room, and jumped on the bed. Kiki and Spencer still asleep.

Mera had squirmed himself out of the cone, and is hiding under the bed. I couldn't reach him.

Mera had reappeared on the bed.
All. The. Stitches. Are. Gone.
He bit them out cleanly, one by one.
I almost fainted.
Luckily there was no bleeding, and the wound had closed.
I think he swallowed the stitches too.
The vet will laugh when he hear about this.

Kiki woke up. Ate some biscuits, and I gave him some catnip to play with. He enjoyed that. Spencer went back to bed.
Now that the cone is off, Mera is cleaning his fur, one by one. Posted by Picasa


At 12:47 am, Blogger san said...

Probably you are right about the 3 kids. Cats remember these things. They must have scared him badly for him to react in that way.

Its a good idea with the book. I always bring a book with me and will read while I'm waiting for Bujang to finiih sniffing the ixora or eating the grass or looking at nothing :) He takes a long time.

At 11:05 am, Blogger auntie p said...

Mera, you are so clever, can remove the e-collar and the stitches all by yourself. Heheh.


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