Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sister S told me Spencer cried again this afternoon, when she left for lunch.
Later at night I caught Spencer sitting in a dark room, grooming her tummy, pulling out tufts of fur.
I don't know what is making Spencer so stressed and upset. Maybe she can feel our stress, the negative vibes. My work situation has not improved. Sister S has been coming home at 4am. I am still upset about Mera. Hell, maybe even Spencer is upset about Mera!!
I know she gets bored at home, sleeping and eating. And she doesn't have the patience and maternal instincts for a new kitten. That was why I thought Mera would be a good companion for her. Of course this heartless tomcat has his own idea, and ran away. Spencer barely tolerates Kiki, and she LOATHES Hat. Yb is just too weird to assimilate. And Spencer still cannot accept Max being a Persian.
I know we humans provide her with companionship too, but maybe Spencer has her own special needs. Like grooming each other. Sniffing butts. Catching lizards together. Wrestle. Huddling in naps.
Oh dear.


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