Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Pretender is still following me when I see him at night. Each time I explained to him that if he wants food, he would have to go back to our block. Mostly he would stop, sit down and yowl mournfully until I left. I feel bad not feeding him, but then if I start I will have to feed the 7 other strays too. Dilemma.

BH2 came out from his hiding spot this morning, first time he does that. Normally I drop his food at the power station, where he has his naps. I would call him until he look up, then I leave. This morning he came out while I was dropping food for blacktom. I was afraid they might fight, so I called to BH2 to follow me. He crouched down and stared at me with his big saucer eyes, right in the middle of the road. Very dangerous. A bird swooped down and scared him, and he ran to the power station. I showed him his food and left. He has a habit of staring at strangers, maybe he had been tortured before, hence his behaviour. He is actually a very handsome cat, maybe a bit of British shorthair. Just that he is so weird sometimes. Only Hat can play with him.

BH2 was named such as he resembles Bih Head, the original alpha tomcat at our block. The first time we saw BH2 3 months ago we got a shock as we thought BH's spirit had come back. BH was a tabby, and Mera was dead scared him of him. He passed away 2 years ago, and that is another story.

Hat is still wary of our place after yesterday's bedroom incident. He didn't even want to eat indoors. And he got himself some extra black patches by rubbing against the bicycles. Silly cat.

I took Mera in for breakfast while Kiki was sleeping on the shoe cabinet. Kiki ignored him, as he was drugged by catnip since 7am. Mera took some biscuits and looked at me as if saying: " That idiot is not gonna be here permanently, is he?" I patted him on the head and told him to be careful with cars and strangers, and be nice to other cats. He wasn't convinced.


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