Thursday, July 28, 2005


I had to get out of the house early today so all the cats had to have breakfast by 8am. Luckily they were all organised and cooperative, but all looked sleepy when they appeared. BH2 was back at the power station.

Mera had some biscuits and when I was preparing food for the strays, he looked interested so I gave him some. He had half a can of smelly fish. Later I saw Wendy hugging him before going to work. Wendy left him some food.

Spencer seemed to have recovered a little. Last night she was sulking and looking at Hat sleeping, so I put her to my bed. She fell asleep rather fast.

Later at night Wendy messaged me that Mera had vomitted his biscuits and some mucus. When she touched his stomach, he cried in pain. When I saw him, he was sleeping already and I noticed that the abdomen is swollen and tender. He didn't like us touching it, and used his hind legs to keep us away. He is also lethargic. If the vomitting continues, I will have to bring him to the vet tomorrow morning.

This is just gonna add on to the existing mental stress.

Kiki was here. Ate one can, had a leak, played with catnip, konked out at the kitchen and ate another can. Mayo was here too, but Spencer snarled at him, so he sprinted away. Kiki had his share of fun and is now sitting outside with Mayo.

Auntycat was hungry too, and followed me around while I checked the mail. Hat ran all the way upstairs with me, but didn't stay. I think he had an appointment with BH2.

Spencer vomitted again, just gastric juice. She is under stress as well.


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