Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last night I reached home about 10.30pm, and didn't see any cats except Kiki. But he didn't aske for food, so we played for a while, and he left.

This morning 6.30am I was woken up by as persistent yowl. Not crying, not fighting noises, but more like complaining. I thought maybe it was Mera, so I opened the door and called him.
Sure enough, it was Mera, and followed by Kiki!

Mera was most upset by Kiki's presence, and wanted to fight with him right in front of the door. I yanked him back by his collar, and pushed him into the house. He ate his breakfast while Spencer chatted with Kiki through the grilles. Then Mera left, not before having another shouting match with Kiki at the front door. I carried Kiki up so the path was clear for Mera to leave. I opened a can for Kiki as I was not sure if he even went home last night, then I went back to bed.


At 10:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why his ear go backwards? Jut


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