Saturday, April 29, 2006

BH2 came at 11pm last night. We were watching TV, Spencer asleep on the rug. Then she insisted to go out. I was shocked to see BH2 cruching biscuits, because I had just fed him tuna dinner at 9pm, and he doesn't usually eat dinner. I was going downstairs to buy food, when Auntycat stopped me, and BH2 and Hat were sitting further back. Auntycat was meowing very diligently, so all the kitties got dinner. Plus it was raining, so maybe they were all hungry.

When BH2 saw us, he started to roll on the ground, as usual, showing off his tummy and paw pads. Spencer looked on, coldly.

After a while, we shoo-ed Spencer in, and locked the door, getting ready for bed.

Then BH2 started to sing. MREOAW MREOAW MREOAW........

I jumped out of bed, opened the door and asked him to shut up. He stared at me, and sat on the floor, as if preparing to stay.

I had no choice but to spray water at him. I was afraid he might continue to sing and neighbours would complain! He left after that.

Maybe Hat told him how he could get me to open the door by singing.... Posted by Picasa


At 10:15 pm, Blogger Zeus said...

Maybe he wanted to give you some entertainment for the evening!


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