Wednesday, February 14, 2007

See what I have got!!!
One stuffed Maneki Neko, and one on a stick!! They are both from Mini Toons. The stuffed ones come in 5 other colors, and it is not cheap, so I only bought one. The one on a stick is actually a back massager.
Spencer is now sleeping with crooked head next to the laptop, snoring and purring. Haiz...this cat.
One more day of work tomorrow, then I will start my CNY holiday!!
Not that I like CNY very much, I am just looking forward to 5 days of peace, quiet, quality kitty time, and NO WORK!!!!


At 12:37 pm, Blogger san said...

they really look nice and cheerful. I also like the short clip on the japanese artist who makes the maneki neko from clay on cable. Fat cats just look so much more happy :)


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