Thursday, June 30, 2005


I was woken at 1am by a strangled yowl outside the window. Initially I thought it was strays fighting for biscuits again. The noise was accompanied by a scratching sound, like someone was playing with the metal grilles next door. It went on for a while and I decided to have a look, before the Myanmar neighbour complain. Just when I step out of bed, I heard a ping noise, as if someone had knocked against the window pane. It meant the cat was trying to jump in. Spencer joined me with the investigation. I looked out, expecting to find either Hat or Kiki. But it was some completely strange cat, white body with yellow marking. Looked like a male. He was shocked to see me too, and stared at me for a long time. I told him he had the wrong house, as he does not belong this floor. He seemed to calm down a bit and stop scratching the door. I went back to bed and realised that Hat had woken up too, and was looking at the intruder throught the window. Before long, the lost tom started his mad scrambling and crying again. Hat jumped out, and it quietened down eventually. I presume Hat had taken the matter into his own paw, and offered assistance to the tom. He must have succeded because the next morning, I saw the tom playing among the bush at opposite block. Hat is kind like this, he befriended BH2 and told him to come to our house for biscuits.

BH2 waits for me now for his breakfast at the power station, but he still dares not approach. Auntycat had her lost bell replaced, which is better for me, as I would hear her coming through the garden for her feeds. Kiki likes to hug the catnip pillow ( belonging to Mera ) and has a nap in the morning. Hat loves to chase him, but without malice.

Mera is well, I saw him this morning. I think he was here at 3am, singing a little bit. I gave him biscuits and catnip pillow, and he didn't beat Hat up this time.


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