Friday, July 29, 2005


Things are getting back to normal. Spencer should be glad. Actually tonight she looked more upbeat and active. She is now washing herself happily and her appetite has come back.

Hat was sitting on the table and his long tail hung down, swinging. Spencer thought it was some insect so she tried to swipe it. Hat quickly changed his position to protect his precious tail.

Mera was sleeping at the staircase this morning, looking miserable. I took him back and examined his stomach, which seemed OK. Maybe he strained his abdominal muscle. He ate some, but seemed reluctant to jump on to the table for drinking water. After that he preferred to go down to the garden.

BH2 was sleeping at the power station but I didn't have any food with me. He heard me tidying up the newpapers so he rushed out. I went back upstairs to get him food, he must have thought I had left, so he went back to sleep again. He is drooling, should be some dental problem.

Kiki was here too. He enjoyed his breakfast very much. He is such a funny cat, enjoying life to the full. I wonder if he is an angel or a fool.

Hat was waiting at the postbox, not daring to approach, as Mera was prowling about. After breakfast, he went to his basket and fell asleep. Apparently he slept from 9am to 6pm. In between he was interrupted by Mera entering to have afternoon tea, and they almost came to blows. Hat put up a good fight verbally hiding in the cubbyhole, and Mera didn't beat him as there was someone else at home.

I heard there was a grey kitten hanging about, I think he is from the shop up the road. I saw him the other night, playing with a towel.

Auntycat was waiting at the garden at night. She knows I check the mailbox, but tonight I forgot my keys, so she didn't hear me.Only when I called her then she looked up in surprise.


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