Saturday, July 30, 2005


Kiki had eaten and was lying 4 paws up on the floor as his stomach was too full. He had a dreamy look on his face.

The kitten came back at 11pm. He was calling outside, I thought it was Kiki so I opened the door and a grey thing shot out, so I quickly shut the door again. He continued to call for a while, but I didn't bring out any food. I think Hat told him food is available from our place.

Ended up the Myanmar neighbour adopted him, and damn excited about it too. Spencer was aware of the new cat, and was unable to sleep. Actually I found her sitting on top of shoe cabinet peering at the going-ons outside. I don't really think the neighbour would be responsible owner, and I fear the grey kitty will ended up at our place eventually. Knowing Spencer's sensitive nature, she will be disturbed by the new arrival next door. The new cat may even have fleas! Or some obnoxious diseases. Or he may pee everywhere and other neighbours may blame Mera and Hat.

Stressful days ahead.


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