Sunday, April 30, 2006

5.20am Woke up to pee. Max still sleeping.

7am Myanmar neighbour played MP3 on their handphone. Grrrr.

8am Myanmar neighbour talked very loudly, so I woke up.

8.30am Myanmar neighbour left for airport.

8.45am Another group of Myanmar neighbour left the house. Peace. But I couldn't sleep anymore.

9am Mera came, waited by the door patiently, enquiring about breakfast.

Max is at our place. Sister J has work in Melbourne. Max has put on considerable weight, and his fur is getting longer. The fur is crinkly, the brown patches darker. He looks well. The ears and eyes are clear, but the gum is falring up again. Now he is looking more like a 6 years old tomcat.

Spencer is in a state of course. But now we have got the routine down pat. Basically Spencer just shifted camp to Sister S's room, with a new floor mat, her toys, and some peace and quiet. We don't let Max go into HER store room either.

Max slept in my room last night, on the curtain draped on the cabinet. Posted by Picasa


At 1:32 pm, Blogger Vegie said...

Max put on weight, really ?

At 2:32 pm, Blogger san said...

If it wasn't for the streak of white on his nose, we would think Spencer is all black fur and nothing else. haha


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