Sunday, April 30, 2006

Max looking for Sister J. The background music should be a song by U2: " I still~haven't~found~~~what I was looking for ~~~~."

Poor Max was so affected by the afternoon heat and humidity. When it started to rain, he didn't look as grouchy, and actually napped for a short time on the sofa, his own choice. I put a cold pack under his belly, and the fan trained on him. Maybe he is suffering from heatstroke. The only remedy I know is 刮痧。But then with all his fur, how to scrape his skin with a porcelain spoon and lashing of axe oil woh? Poor Max.....

He played a little bit just now, and ate some biscuits.

Spencer was pretty low profile today, just sleeping in her club house most of the time. And snarling at Max. Posted by Picasa


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