Saturday, July 30, 2005


This is the grey kitten that was thrown out of Myanmar's house this morning at 9am. So I was right afterall.

Granted, he is rather cute, and not so noisy. Maybe he had been fed. He tried all means and ways to come into the house. I left a dish of food outside for him.

Mera had already scowled at him but normally tomcats give in to kittens so Mera left after his breakfast, in a huff. Hat was nicer to him, until the kitten started to smell Hat for milk, so Hat jumped onto the corridor and pretended to look at scenery. Spencer parked herself at the entrance, and made threatening noises each time the kitten came near. The kitten puffed up and jumped about, but Spencer stood firm. She was very upset. I was told the kitten eventually fell asleep outside, and managed to sneak in later for biscuits, so he was placed downstairs immediately. I presumed things went back to normal, as Hat had slept in his basket.

Spencer went to the vet for her bald patch. The vet said it is bacterial, and gave some antiseptic wash and cream containing antibiotics, antifungal and steroids. We were told not to use floor cleaner as it may irritate the skin. If she chews the area, the vet will give her some hormone injections to calm her nerves (??!).

Spencer is OK, seemed to have survived the trip to the vet. She had relaxed visibly, and is asleep now in her basket.

Kiki was here for a while for his dinner.


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