Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hat looks like a monkey sometimes because he is so skinny and he has a pointed snout.

This morning Mera appeared at 8.20am and just sat outside quietly, waiting for me to notice him. I gave him some biscuits and he left. I think his owner didn't feed him at 8am, or he wouldn't be here so early. Poor Mera. The weather was so warm I asked him to stay indoors but he refused. I think he only comes in when we are not at home.

On his way down, he bumped into Hat on his way up. As expected, a chase ensued, and Hat had to hide behind the rubbish bin. After that Hat was so worried that he chose to sleep in Kiki's cubby hole for safety. Maybe it was cooler inside.

When I reached home at 7.50pm, I found Mera sleeping on my bed. I hope he just overslept and is not sick or injured. He didn't eat much. And bumped into Hat on his way down again. Hat managed to sneak into the house to wait for dinner.

I noticed that Hat has not been eating much lately, maybe someone else is feeding him.


At 12:08 am, Anonymous Shirley said...

Maybe Hat is just vain and is concious of his weight.

At 6:47 pm, Blogger Jennifer said...

HAT looks very pretty and sweet


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