Thursday, January 31, 2008

The poor kid. He was so hungry, I gave him 2 cans. His face was all grey and sooty.
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Because of grumpy Uncle Mera, cat_aunty finally opened one packet of Temptations Turkey flavour!!

It it nice! I like! I only ate 5 pellets!

Thank you, Auntie EJ!!!!
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She is still giving Hat a hard time.
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One more week to CNY.....

The rubbish bins are chocked a-block with discarded household items and furnitures.

The kopitiams had put up CNY decorations.

The supermarkets are filled with oranges and pussywillows.
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Cute ratty CNY cards.....
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Mera came.

He looked very sad and grumpy. I gave him sardines and biscuits, but he seemed upset about something.

He didn't want play or tummy rubs. He looked so sad I had to open a packet of Temptations. Spencer ate 5. Mera didn't want any.

I wonder if Hat had told him that Yb came up for dinner just now. He just kept watching and swishing his tail.

Spencer is beating Hat again.

Hat knows he would be safe if he is higher up, so he tends to stay on the fridge or TV or ironing board.

But Spencer would attack him when he is making his way out of the house.

Maybe I can make a 4 feet high ramp for him......?
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was late for 30 minutes today, and once I unlocked the door, Spencer started to scream inside the house.

Hat was waiting on top of the fridge.

Both had dinner, and Spencer finished first.

She was sitting outside taking the winds, then Hat came out from the kitchen.

Spencer ran back into the house, and slapped Hat a few times.

Hat ran outside, and Spencer guarded the corridor.

Hat wanted to come in again, because he was still hungry.

Spencer chased him all over the house, with great energy.

Then when Hat saw Spencer's leftover, he went over, wanting to eat. Spencer sat behind him, watching him with crooked head. Once Hat started to eat, she wallopped him again.

I had to carry Hat outside.

They must have been quarrelling before I came home.
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Mera came this morning. He patrolled the house, which he hasn't done for a long time.

Then he drank from the CatIt.

Then he wanted to go into Sister S's room.

Spencer jumped up and slapped him.

He blinked for a while, then left the house.

Mera came at 10pm last night. He didn't sing, he just jumped onto the balcony so that I could hear his bell.

I sat with him outside while he ate, then he went back onto the balcony.

Spencer had gone to bed at that time.

When I brought the plates in, I was shocked to see Hat on the fridge. I didn't even see or hear him come in. When I came into the kitchen to take Mera's food, I was sure he wasn't there.

These cats are spooky.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Crazy Calico, sitting by the road side after the rain.

Yb was crossing the road, then he stopped and sit down.

There was a car driving in at that time, and luckily the driver slowed down, and stopped completely. I had to run up and hurry along, so that he would not be knocked down.

Calico ran after me, and it was most dangerous.
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She was in quite a good mood today.

She had biscuits, then she played with my camera strap.

I noticed that she always gives up her food for Ginger, Fred and BH2.
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He likes tuna, chicken, salmon and turkey, but not the fish in jelly types.

He prefers Nutro, Science Diet and Nutro biscuits to the supermarket brands.
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