Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spencer's pharmaceuticals.

The Happy Traveller and Feliway I bought for her. The capsules contain valerian, german chamomile, Kava Kava and St John's Wort. The Feliway is synthetic pheromone.

The vet said Max has IBS because he is stressed. And Spencer overgrooms, because she is stressed. He looked at me, and asked why all the cats are stressed. I told him because the owner is stressed too!

He suggested hormones for Spencer, but it will make her eat more, so we immediately gave up the idea. Then he suggested Bach Rescue Remedy, containing flower extracts of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of bethlehem and cherry plum. I know about this product, almost trying it myself some years back. So now I am supposed to dab 3 to 4 drops onto the Spencer's throat, temples and behind the ears, 2 to 4 times daily. I guess if it all gets too much for me, I can always take it orally to calm myself down too!!

Then the vet gave Spencer her annual booster, on the shoulder this time, so as not to aggravate the lump. He asked about Spencer's general mental and physical health, and her relationship with Max. I explained to him about Spencer's highly strung personality, her vocalness, and the difficulty I face in making her lose weight.

When I looked through the vaccination card, I realised Spencer has been seing this same vet for 6 years now. Lucky Spencer, to have found such an understanding vet. Posted by Picasa

Kiki being rude again.

He had two cans for dinner, and left quietly after that. I think he just wants dinner. Once he gets his fill, he won't be so violent. Posted by Picasa

Got this cute birthday card from my parents!! The black cat is wearing a pink necklace!! Posted by Picasa

Max dropped by last night, after the vet trip. The poor guy was shivering at the vet, I never knew he hates vet.

No more diarrhoea and vomitting for him, but he was terribly bloated. The vet said Max has sensitive tummy ( as expected ), and he may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Hmph. Posted by Picasa

Birthday cake. Posted by Picasa

Spencer had been OK since the vet visit last night, sleeping outside until 11pm then with me until 8am. But now she is acting up again. It is something to do with her room ( store room) but I am not sure what she is complaining about. It may be the atmospheric pressure too, because it looks like it is going to rain.

BH2 and ginger kitten no show, calico and tabby kitten ate their breakfasts. Mera did a poo then waited for me to dish out the tuna for him and Auntycat. Hat ate at the kitchen, but refused to stay, claiwng my finger.

I went to find Yb. I haven't fed him for 10 days now, after he fought with Kiki. He was so ecstatic to see me, that I felt guilty. He is still skinny, his nose dirty, but the collar is still there. I do have a soft spot for this guy, hence I was trying to assimilate him into the household, since Hat is not interested in the vacancy anymore. Posted by Picasa

Today is the grand opening of the second IKEA store in Singapore, located at Tampines.

Hopefully that will reduce the congestion at IKEA Alexandra, and shorter queues for the Swedish meatballs!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Spencer has been a pesky brat for the WHOLE day. Screaming the house down. Refusing to eat. Refusing to use the bins. Wanting to go into the store room and come out in 1 second. Wanting to go out then run in again. More screaming.

Finally at 4.30pm she threw up on the computer table, and on the floor. Then she looked more perky. I went out for a while, and put some lavender in the air revitaliser. When I came back with Feliway, and Ark Naturals Happy Traveller capsules, she seemed to be more calm. She ate some food, and is taking winds outside.

Mera is nodding off on the grass, Hat on the boot of someone's car. Posted by Picasa

The contractor is cleaning up the work site and repaving the carpark with bitumen, so it is noisy and smelly.


Hat appeared at 1pm, I wasn't sure what he wanted. He was sitting on the TV, but the courier came, so he ran away. Posted by Picasa

It is my birthday today. Posted by Picasa

I brought Mera up last night, because he approached me for tummy rubs, in front of two young girls. I told him my hands were full, and I could not carry him. He followed me to the staircase. Unfortunately, Kiki was already waiting at the corridor, and ran ahead of us before I unlocked the door. This made Mera very angry, and he stormed off, without any dinner. I found him later downstairs, so I brought him back to the 5th floor.

Spencer finally decided to sleep on my new bed. I think she approves of it. Posted by Picasa

Another blue sky day, with no clouds.

Spencer slept on my bed until 7.30am. She wanted me to wake up, but she didn't want breakfast.

Hat preferred to eat outside.

Auntycat and Mera shared one can of tuna under the bench, then Mera had a staring match with BH2. It has been happening everyday actually. I see more wounds on Mera's face, and a big scratch on BH2's tummy.

BH2 calico and the two kittens ate at the power station. BH2 didn't mind one of his kids sharing the food. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I know I hasn't been blogging for some days now. Work has got the better of me. Bleh.

Sunday: Working. All kinds of stupid, weird and wacky customers. By 7pm, I was thinking of killing them first then shoot myself. I didn't, because I decided they were all aliens dressed up as humans, like in MIB. At least sales was good that day.

Monday: working. Went to make a new pair of glasses, because I can't read small prints now, and I get headache. Ended up my 500 degress short-sightedness has reduced. Not because my eyes are getting better, but because I am in the early stage of long sightedness, or what the Chinese calls 老花. Don't feel too cheerful that development at all! Actually, downright depressing. Good news: found a $5 note on the corridor.

Tuesday: working. Boss asked to have coffee with us at Coffee Club Orchard, at 8.30am!! Most of us were bleary-eyed and dozing, while she spouted her majestic visions and wonderful projects for 2007. We hate to tell her the truth, that we had heard it all before. We just let her rattled on, and let her think that she is generous in treating us to breakfast. I was unfortunate enough to sit beside her, and she kept slapping my shoulder to get her point across. UGH. 痛苦. I got birthday presents today. A goodie bag from Body Shop, with assorted stuffs in it. A cat-shaped plush handphone holder. A teacup and saucer set (??!). A porcupine made from seashells which looks like JarJarBinks (!!!!???). And a big jar of paper cranes, which I thought the best of all.

Wednesday: having a day off!! Not going anywhere. Not doing anything. Just hide in bed!!

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According to Sister J, Max threw up all over the balcony last night, plus diarrhoea. I guess he was considerate enough not to do it inside the house!!

We suspect it may be a lizard he had licked on Sunday night.

Naughty Max! Get well soon! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mera yesterday afternoon, taken by Lumix.

I really should go and make more new tags for the kitties.

I went to bed at 1opm and when I woke up to pee at some wee hours, I found Spencer sleeping 4 paws up belly up stretched out on the sofa. Sheesh. She didn't even notice me. She likes her own room and own bed.

Body aching all over. Hope to survive today. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kiki came in for dinner at 7pm. Then he used the litter bin. His pee was like shooting stream, hot and smelly. Bleh.

Spencer is still sleeping on the sofa. Sister S's friend came just now, when Spencer was in deep REM sleep. By the time she woke, it was too late to run away, so she just stared with her huge eyes. They just talked around her, so as not to make her panic.

Sister S gone night cycling, so I will have an early night. Working tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Another of max's ritual: watching the corridor after breakfast. He tends to hide behind pot plants in the evenings, or if it was very sunny. By the way, it was the neighbour' s towel he was sitting on.

It rained a bit at 3pm, making the weather humid, and humans sleepy. Didn't seem to have any effect on cats though, because Spencer was still screaming her head off. She finally crashed at 5pm, then it started to rain heavily. Mera turned up for afternoon tea, and I fed Hat some dinner. He is becoming more aggressive, snarling at me and mauling me when I tried to hug him. Posted by Picasa

Sleepy afternoon.... Posted by Picasa

Max's wounds, healing very nicely. Thank God for that "skin glue".

He likes to sleep with his face buried in the catnip pillow. I don't know how he can breathe, with his stumpy snout. Posted by Picasa


We have been having unbelieveable blue, cloudless sky lately.

Reminds me of Perth. Posted by Picasa

Max's ritual, when he is at our house: hand feeding of biscuits. He would only eat at the spot at the kitchen entrance.

The kittens heard my keys and came running. The tabby white looks like a male, the ginger white female. BH2 and calico ate too. Auntycat liked her tuna breakfast. Hat ate a bit at the kitchen.

I got myself a new mattress. The old one was inherited from the previous landlord, like, ten years ago. The other day Sister J helped me to flip it over, and there were holes all over, courtesy of the cats' claws. The cats like to train their claws, belly up, under the bed.

The shop owner gave me at $80 discount, because he has seen me in the neighbourhood before. And we bought the odd wardrobes and bookshelves from him over the years. Posted by Picasa

Things were better last night. Kiki still insisted to come in, Max refused to eat, so Kiki and Spencer ate at the kitchen. Sister J's flight was much delayed in Bangkok, and I didn't exactly tell Max clearly, hence he felt very sad. After dinner, the three cats sat outside and chatted. Max was not in a good mood and snarled at Kiki, so Kiki didn't attack him anymore.

Sister J called and talked to Max, so he perked up. And ate lots of biscuits.

Sister J arrived at 11pm, and brought Max home. Spencer screamed a bit, but fell on the sofa by 12pm. Posted by Picasa

Was taking Max's photo and Kiki smiled at the camera. What the Chinese says, 抢镜头.

Unfortunately after that, Kiki started to attack Max. Posted by Picasa