Sunday, December 31, 2006

To all the bloggers, blogettes, readers, old friends and new acquaintances, be it 2-legged or 4,

Happy New Year!! May 2007 brings tolerance



kindness to all species, races, religions, age groups and sex.

May the kitties always be warm and safe, with full stomachs.


Cat_aunty, Spencer, Max, Merah, Hat, Auntycat, BH2, Calico, Kitten 1, Kitten 2 and YellowBoy. Posted by Picasa

Mera appeared at our door at 8pm.

Spencer saw him first, and rushed out. This spooked him badly, and he ran off.

I called him, and he sort of slowed down.

When I went out with wet food, he was sitting at the far end of the corridor, looking at me.

I brought out more biscuits, and shook the container so that he would hear me.

I shoo-ed Spencer into the house.

Then I went out with water. This tme, Mera had moved closer. Once he saw me, he started to walk away.

So this tomcat has his pride.

I called him again, went inside the house, and locked the door to let him know that I won't come out. Posted by Picasa

zzzZZZzzzZZZ Posted by Picasa

Calico and her two kittens. They are still shy, and wary of me. But they recognise my footsteps. I think the ginger is a girl.

By the way, calico was sitting in the middle of the road, as if it belongs to her Grandpa. Posted by Picasa

Mera and BH2 seem to have patched up. Both of them will snooze at the garden in the morning. This afternoon, I found Mera sitting with Bh2 behind the bicycles. No doubt BH2 seemed a bit tense, but at least they were not having a fist fight.

Maybe both have united against Yb?? Posted by Picasa

Mera and his bald patch. The groove on the skin gives him a Klingon appearance.

I spoke to Mera this morning, explaining to him about his mum and the girl kitten. I told him not to be sad, and he must come to me if he is hungry, ill or just tired. I gave him tummy rubs and scratches, and told him not to fight, and to watch out for cars and strange persons.

He seems better after that. Posted by Picasa

Max, having his afternoon nap.

He had his dinner at 5pm, and slept again.

Sister J will take him back again on Tuesday night.

Hat had dinner, and left.

Kiki pee-ed on the corridor, right after I washed away the bird poo.

Spencer just had her dinner, and is strecthing outside. Posted by Picasa

Today is the last day of 2006.

Have you made your resolutions?? Posted by Picasa

Kiki dropped by at 1pm, because there were visitors at his house. I was cleaning the house, Max was falling asleep, and Spencer was taking winds outside. I fed Kiki. He chatted with Spencer outside for a long time. He ate some more. And wanted to attack Max. I quickly locked Max in my bedroom. Kiki loitered, ate, chatted with Spencer again. And napped for a while on the kitchen floor.

Max slept beside me at the PC table. He is loyal, like a dog.

Feeling very sleepy, and headache. Posted by Picasa

Woke up at 11am, with a HUGE headache.

Max was sleeping with me, Spencer on the PC table. Last night I think the cats discussed among themselves regarding the roster. Spencer would normally sleep with me, but Max would too. So ended up Max slept with me, and Spencer went to Sister S's bed. I gave her the blankie to keep her warm. Once Max has slept on my bed, Spencer won't touch the bedsheet until I washed it. I don't mind sharing bed with two cats, just that Spencer will NEVER allow that.

When I woke up at 5am, Max was in the cat tent. They both had early breakfast. And took winds outside.

I saw Mera at the garden. I will have a talk with him later. Posted by Picasa

Why am I blogging at 6am?

Because some STUPID Malay kids, 14 of them, were playing hide-n-seek at the playground From 1am to 5am! I still could hear them when I moved to the other room. I called the Police, but they didn't come.

Why do parents give birth but don't know how to discipline? If they have problems controlling the kids, send them to homes, drown them, deport them, or something.

Don't just let them be a waste of space, disturb my sleep, and make me very pissed off. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tired day at work. Difficult customers, staffs missing in action, cashier machine which breaks down 5 times in 4 days... I still felt cold wearing three layers, and it was not raining.

Spencer and Max seemed to be OK when I reached home at 9pm. Max wasn't too hungry, but asked for biscuits many times. Mera, Hat, Yb and Bh2 were waiting at the letter box area. I brought Mera up to the 5th floor. He knew his mum was not at home, even though the door was opened. He went down with me again. When I came back with food, he and BH2 had disappeared. Hat was sitting on someone's car.

Mera's mummy came up at 11pm, and asked me if I had seen Mera. I told her I saw him at 9pm. She asked for a collar from me, and told me that she and her boss have adopted a girl kitten. The boss would bring the kitten to the shop everyday. She had the photos in her handphone. The kitten is cute enough. But now I know why Mera has been sad. Surely he can smell the kitten on his mum's hands, and he feels dejected.

I just sms Mera's mum. She hasn't found him yet. Posted by Picasa

Max is here, because Sister J and Sister S went to Malaysia for the long weekend.

Spencer had some inkling of what was coming, because she was rather jumpy this morning. I fed the cats downstairs, and Hat came up again. I let him in and gave him some Nutro biscuits. Once he finished eating, Spencer chased him out of the house. Because it ain't raining! During the heavy rain for the last few days, she just grumbled when Hat snoozed in the store room, but she bear with it, even though she wanted the store room herself. Today, she put her paw down.

Just as well. Because if Hat sees Max, he will be upset again.

Yb is quite impossible. he refused breakfast because it wasn't tuna. BH2 had 2 servings, hence his increasingly rotund profile. Mera didn't eat, but Auntycat did appear. Posted by Picasa

The problem with no rain is, it is more noisy. I woke up at 2am and 4am by noises at the playground, and had to read to get back to sleep again.

Spencer was sleeping with Sister S last night. She was in deep sleep when I checked on her. I heard her made a "WHAT" noise later, when she suddenly woke.

She is a bit jumpy this morning. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 29, 2006

The rain has finally stopped, but it was still chilly, despite me wearing three layers. Maybe I really am having the flu.

At least the laundry got dry in one day.

Spencer just jumped off the blankie when I reached home, because it was warm when I touched it. She is sitting outside now, enjoying the dry weather.

Hat was in the store room earlier, after two breakfasts.

Mera had finally made calico stay in her own area, and Bh2 in his own. The calico doesn't go beyond bicycles now, and would eat at the power station with the kittens. Bh2 would snooze on the park bench, but always ten feet away from Mera. And he would not approach if Mera is with me. Mera did a lot of patrolling today. He still has that bald patch on his forehead. When he frowned, I could see the skin folding. Now it is Yb who is still clueless, and gets into fights every morning. He still expects tuna, and won't eat if I give him other flavors. Sheesh. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I was playing with Spencer, by waving a Hello Kitty cut-out. She got so excited, she chewed the bed frame.

Still raining.

Hat woke at 7.30pm and asked for dinner. That means 3 meals today, 3 times more than normal. Usually he would appear for breakfast, of course I won't see him during the day, and he doesn't show at night, unless the weather is really really bad.

I just realised, I still have not unwrap my Christmas presents! Posted by Picasa

Feel better in the afternoon, though it is still raining. At least don't feel like jelly.

Hat woke at 4pm and had afternoon tea. He wanted to leave, and thought better of it after sniffing the air.

Spencer is back to her sofa.

I cleaned up the photos which I had downloaded from internet for the last 12 months, and put them into different folders. I even made a gift CD for one of my friends! Of course it took me some time to click and drag around, but I worked it out in the end. Posted by Picasa

Kiki: " I SAID I was sorry!"

Spencer: " Grrrrrr...."

The air is smelly, rotting, wet, musty smell. It could be the rain, it could be the neighbour cooking next door.......

Still drizzling. Spencer threw up her breakfast, and refused to settle until I gave her another feed. She was a bit agitated that I was at home, then she went to sleep on the sofa with her blankie.

Mera beat up BH2, because BH2 followed me when I was on my way to the post office. Actually BH2 had already eaten, he is just greedy. Auntycat was not disturbed by the boys at all. She just watched and chomped on her biscuits leisuredly. Mera asked for scratches, and ate a little biscuits with treats.

Too crowded at the post office, turned back again.

Had porridge lunch, and napped for 2 hours to sleep off the cold medication.

The birds are having a tea party around the biscuits I left on the corridor for Mera, chirping and crapping at the same time. Ugh.

Hat is the best boy today. He is still gently toasting in the store room. Posted by Picasa

Still overcast and chilly.

And I don't feel so good at all. I guess it is a veg-out day today, and if I don't get better, then I will see a doctor tomorrow.

Luckily my internet is still good, just can't assess the OZ sites. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still drizzling. Ugh.

I finally saw Auntycat this morning. She looks fatter. She was trying to crunch biscuits, chat, and rub my feet at the same time, so it took her a looooooong time to finish eating. Glad to see she is well.

Mera is going around with a big hole on his forehead, the size of a 1 cent coin. I managed to put some Baneocin on it this morning. And when I saw him again just now, the scab had come off. So he looks even worse. But the skin underneath is pink. I passed the ointment to his mum, so she can continue the treatment.

Hat had a big breakfast this morning, and played hide-n-seek with me. He seemed rather happy. Then he went to the store room, jumped into his bed, and started to groom.

Spencer is quite calm today.

I always have Friskies with me inside my bag, and just now the lid came apart and there were biscuits in my bag. I was cleaning them out, and my staffs thought they are cocopops. Posted by Picasa

Hey is that the can opener???!

It continued to rain during the night. After being upset for the whole day, Spencer finally calmed down at 11pm, after some Bach, and she joined me on my bed. She stayed there for most of the night. When I rolled into her space, she just walked over and lean onto my pillows.
She didn't stir until I woke ay 8am, then she asked for breakfast. Posted by Picasa