Saturday, March 31, 2007

Heavy afternoon downpour, freshly washed bedsheet, 7 years of friendship, and a NEED to nap, threw these two cats together on the same bed.

Spencer was relaxed enough to groom herself.

But Mera has definitely shrunk in size lately. See how big Spencer is compared to him.

They are having a puja session downstairs, with loud Indian music. Hat is resting in the kitchen. Mera and Spencer just woke up. They are having dinner.
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Mera came at 5am. He sang a bit. I woke up, he didn't want food, he just wanted me to open the door so he could leave.

Spencer slept on until 9am.

No sign of BH2 but the rest of the kitties were there. The weirdtom is not very popular, every cat wanted to maul him. And he would close his eyes when they ran towards him. Sigh.

Mera came up with me for a small bite, then he left.

He came up again at 2pm for afternoon tea, and patrolled the house.
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It is now 4pm and raining heavily. Kiki is having his afternoon tea. He had been here since 9am, singing hoarsely. After breakfast, he went to the power station to pick fights with the cats there, chasing Gingerkitty across the road and almost got her knocked down by a car. Then he attemped to attack the calico, she would have none of that nonsense. Then he came back up with muddy paws, and tried to pee into Sister S's bag, and her wardrobe. Hat was wary of him, and stayed on the kitchen table. Mera was on his way to the wardrobe to sleep, and got himself a shock when he saw Kiki on the cabinet.

I think he is also a troublemaker at home, so his owner let him out of the house!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Curse of the Golden Tail
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Sister S has been working some weird hours this week, and she reported some strange going-ons in the house.

Kiki would come in the day and sleep on the cabinet in my room.
Mera could stay with Kiki in the same room without fighting.
Spencer likes to sleep on the sofa.
Mera sleeps on my bed during the day, and moves to the red stool or under the sofa in the afternoon.
Mera and Spencer could stay on the SAME bed without fighting.
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Instant mushroom and herb pasta, with fresh inoki mushrooms ( brown ).

My fever and stiffness came back. One of the colleagues has been coughing non stop for three days, refusing to seek medical treatment. So it was *KOFF KOFF KOFF* all day long, all over the place.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My boss said something about my appraisal today, which upset me greatly.
I am not sad or depressed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It rained in the evening. I saw Hat under the block and called him. Then calico and Yb appeared. I don't know why Yb likes to follow calico, just to beat her up.

Hat came up after a while, when the uncle appeared to feed the other cats.

Sister S said Mera sleeps in the cat tent during the day. Spencer was sleepy too, but she didn't chase Mera out. Mera left because Sister S was at home, then Spencer went into the tent immediately.

Mera came twice during the night, to crunch biscuits.

I heard his bell, so that means his collar is still intact. Spencer slept on though.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Am very tired lately, and able to plan ahead for anything.

Not sure if I am just physically tired, or otherwise.
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It rained in the early morning, with thunders.
Spencer was hiding somewhere, because when Sister S arrived at 6am, she wasn't on my bed.
I heard Sister S grunted, so Mera was in the house.
Mera appeared from my room at 8.30am, without his collar.
Sigh. This is so exasperationg! I hate it when people steals from cats!!! Isn't it better for cats to be tagged?
Mera ate some and left. I gave him a new collar and tag.
Spencer is very calm, no screaming and tantrums from her.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This lady was sitting in the gazebo with Mera at about 4pm. She was stopping Mera from leaving by holding onto his paws. She opened a can for him.
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A repentant tom.

I gave him some food and biscuits, he drank plenty of water, and has been behaving so far. He is now snoozing at the kitchen, to catch the breeze.

Spencer had also woken up from her nap under the bed.
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This is the recycle bin which had appeared three weeks ago. Last week I got a clean bucket to put all the recyclable stuffs in eg tin cans, drinkcans, papers, cartons, PET bottles, glass jars and plastic containers. I was surprised to find out that the bucket filled up faster than my rubbish bin!!

I sorted out the items today and put them in the bin. As the bin is not locked, I am sure the old folks will scavenge through it. I even saw flies, so someone must have thrown foodstuffs in.

Maybe I was silly to collect so carefully then all the cans were "stolen", but I am just trying to do my part for the enviroment.

We are still far behind compared to other countries eg Australia, Taiwan, even some places in Malaysia!

My Hobbit's feet.

Hot day. All the cats had eaten. BH2 beat one of the Weirdtoms, the one who is not his son. BH2 has lost weight, but he is active and energetic. His face is smaller, as if he has shaved.

Hat spent the morning playing with another weirdtom, even though I called him several times from the kitchen.

Mera was snoozing among the bushes. I gave him some biscuits at 11am, then he trotted off.

Spencer is sleepy too, and was fussing, until I gave her a basket.

I had done the houseworks and marketing. Am still weak, should go for a nap.

Today is the feast day of Annunciation of Virgin Mary, the day Angel Gabriel came to tell Her that She is with child.

3 seconds later, she bit me.
I woke at 7am, after several bad dreams, and couldn't sleep again. Spencer was awake, but she was lying in. Mera was crunching biscuits, the name tag hitting the bowl CLANG CLANG CLANG. He came to the toilet to say hi to me, and was mermerised by the flush. I told him to come again at 9am for his breakfast.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spencer is happy tonight, because it was Mera who ate dinner with her, instead of Kiki. I didn't mean to be nasty to Kiki, it is just that he broke the rules of the cat hotel. I will have to clean the house tomorrow, before Sister S arrives on Monday.

This morning I saw two Weirdtoms at the power station. Two identical ginger toms! I almost fainted. I thought it was my fever playing tricks on my brain. I looked again, the markings are slightly different. But I had no idea who is the original. Calico was fierce with one but OK with the other. I guess one is her son.

Now there are two gangs. The Godfathers at the voiddeck ie Mera, BH2 and Yb. And the Young Guns at the powerstation ie calico, ginger kitten, tabby kitten and the 2 Weirdtoms.

Hat is sitting on the fence. Bh2 is torn between the macho company and his family. Yb would beat calico at any chance. Mera would beat Hat. All the time.
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Wow. Such long tongue!!
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I reached home a bit earlier than usual. Mera was still sleeping on the red stool, next to the shoe cabinet. Spencer slept under the sofa cover. So I gave mackereldinner to both of them. Mera enjoyed it greatly, as he didn't have breakfast from me today. Then he groomed outside, and left.

Hat had left. He was sleeping in the other room after breakfast. He wanted to pounce on my hands.
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Drowsy Hat, dreaming of butterflies.
Still tired this morning. Weak legs.
Spencer was hungry, and meowed at me from her bed box. Mera had been here at dawn.
Kiki was here last night, more subdued. I watched him like a hawk. Each time he started to sniff around, I shouted at him. Then Spencer beat him up real good at the gate.
We had an early night.

Friday, March 23, 2007

There is still a pong in the house. Kiki will be feline non grata from now on!!
I woke up several times at night. Sometimes Spencer was beside me, sometimes she was on the floor or next to the fan. Mera came also, singing and crunching biscuits.
I still feel a bit weak and chilly.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It is weird how Hat's body has put on weight but his face remains pointed, giving him a fox like appearance. Maybe it is his high cheek bones a la Christy Turlington.
Spencer slept under the bed until 8.30pm.
Now I have found out who has been the SprayKing. It was Kiki!! I just caught him spraying again, and gave him a big slap.

I came home early because I was ill. The doctor said I was tired because I was running a fever, not because of the migraine.
No cats came out when I opened the door. I scanned the rooms. No cats.
Then I found Spencer sitting behind the bedhead. I think she thought I was a robber and she went to hide.
5 minutes later, Hat came out sheepishly from the other room. Don't know where he had been hiding.
10 minutes later, Mera appeared from my room.
All three had their afternoon teas.
Mera left through the windows. Hat stayed on the kitchen table, petrified. Spencer went back to bed.

I am so tired.
Left work at 9pm last night. One staff had admitted to stealing money from the till, and we called the Police.
Reached home and saw Weirdtom sleeping with crooked head and opened mouth under the block, so I called him for dinner.
Kiki was not too happy to see Weirdtom. I tried to stop him by pouring water on him. He reatliated by spraying on the curtain, in front of me. The pee was plentiful and pungent.
Then Spencer threw up. And was screaming frantically for making such a mess.
I washed the floor to get rid of the urine. After one hour, the smell was gone.
Then I stepped into the vomit which I had forgotten about.
And kicked Spencer's biscuit bowl while I was cleaning up, and toppled it. Biscuits were everywhere.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today is the 3rd day in the second month of the lunar calendar, or 春分. Half of spring is gone.

But most of the American calendars indicate it as the first day of spring.

It rained at 10pm, with thunders. I gathered Mera was at the 5th floor, so I wasn't too worried. Spencer was edgy because of the pressure system. Once it rained, she calmed down.
Mera came at dawn to sing, Spencer slept on.
Then at 8am I heard some bad cat fights downstairs. I thought Mera was in trouble again, so I went out. Mera was sitting on the corridor, looking down at the garden. I am glad he is OK, and not getting into fights. He ate some fish, and went to rest on his "throne".
It is still drizzling, so I think calico should be sleeping.
I don't understand why calico waits up for me all the time in the morning, then eats very little.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clever Mera stayed in this morning, and of course it rained by 10am.
Hat didn't come tonight. but Kiki did. After 2 plates, Spencer walloped him real good. He left mournfully.

I woke at 6am. Spencer was sleeping against the wall.
Later I vaguely heard Mera singing for food. Spencer went out to talk to him. '
Then she jumped back onto my bed.
When I woke again, I already overslept.
It is cooler today.
I am worried about something, that was why my sleep was disrupted.

Monday, March 19, 2007

According to dad, Mera came in at 2.10pm and had a good scratch on the catnip mat. Then he went for a nap.
Hat was sulking on top of the kitchen cabinet when I left for work. He must have left later. Then he appeared again in the afternoon, right after Mera. Seeing that Mera was at home, he left quickly. He had dinner anyway, by the kitchen window.
BH2 missed his breakfast today, gingerkitten too.

Lifted this off cuteoverload. I found it interesting, because both kitties are ginger. Based on the posture, the adult must have been the mum. But ginger femals are normally sterile, so can a tom be so loving towards his own kid?
Pearls of wisdom from dad:
Me: " Dad these two books on dog training, for you to train Dino."
Dino is dad's new pup, two months old, and a mischief on 4 paws. He destroys everything in sight.
Dad: " Dino can't be trained, because he is not 名狗!! "
And another one:
Dad: " I don't think Spencer likes Mera at all!"
Me: " No ah, cannot be. He is her boyfriend! "
Dad: " When Mera came into the house, Spencer went into the store room!"

Naughty ginger rascal.
Saw Kindly Neighbour and her husband last night, when I came back from work. Mera saw us, and approached. He chose uncle, which was a surprise, as he has been scared of uncle since he was a kitten. But Mera knows who has been kind to him, and uncle had been involved in saving his life, at least twice.
Kindly Neighbour told me she saw calico and gingerkitten grooming each other on top of someone's lorry. I told her it happens all the time. Sometimes the grooming becomes headlock session. She also told me during CNY, when she was helping me with the kitties, Max ate up every other cat's portions. But she likes Max though, she finds him cute.
I took Mera up, and he saw Kiki. He started to puff up and show Kiki his broad side. I carried him inside, and Kiki came in too. Both toms had their dinner. Kiki had two plates.
Then Kiki went to sit outside, as it was humid. When dad arrived from the airport, he said hello.

It rained in the morning, with thunders. It is very humid now.
I heard some cat jumped out through the window and a thud and cling.
When I woke up, Spencer was still sleeping in. And Mera came out from under the bed. He must have been afraid of the thunders.
He had a scratch on the catnip mat, say hello to dad, and got tummy rubs as reward. Then he had fish and biscuits.
Calico was snoozing on the bicycle. Yb was waiting with Weirdtom. No gingerkitten and BH2 though. Hat was cowering in the gazebo, because Mera was sunning himself. Hat was afraid of dad, and didn't dare to enter.