Sunday, September 30, 2007

I will be transferred to another branch tomorrow, against my wishes. I had only been in the current store for two months, which I had helped to open, staying up whole nights and toiling in hot, dusty condition.

The new branch is only 10 minutes from home, but it is a problem store with problem staffs and problem customers. And I have to work rotating night shifts.

It is depressing just to think about it.
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Sister S bathed Max today, because he had been vomitting and having diarrhoea.

Max was appearently very miffed.

But he smells better now.

Hat. Lost his collar again.

Sigh, on top of a Cat Torturer, there is a Cat Thief in the neighbourhood!

Very warm night.
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I will be working tomorrow until next Saturday, so there is no chance to play with Max at all, or take his photos.

He has been glum today, thirsty, and looking lack lustre. I tried to trim his paw fur, and cool him down. He didn't finish his dinner, and rejected biscuits and iced water. Later he had diarrhoea. I thought he was too warm, so I put him into Sister S's room and swiched on the air con.

Then Max farted.

Anyway, he is sleeping peacefully now.
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I came home early today, and saw Kiki's owner sitting outside his house, with chubby Mayo.

He smiled, so I went to ask him about Kiki.

He said Kiki was injured on the tail, very badly. The vet wasn't sure if it was inflicted by fights, car accidents or cruelty. Basically Kiki just appeared at the door with a lot of blood.

I told him Mera had the same type of injury before, and it was done by acts of humans. He asked me who would do such a thing to cats. I told him there are a lot of sickos out there.

Since he couldn't explain the injury to me very well, he asked me if I want to see Kiki.

He said Kiki just came back from the vet, and he was still groggy. Indeed, Kiki was looking dazed, with dilated pupils. His muzzle was dirty with food. And his was dirty, as he was not able to groom himself for the last 2 weeks.

Kiki had a bandage on the right hind leg. His lower abdomen was shaved, the bandages which I saw that day had been removed. The tail was shaved, and there were sticthes. The cut was about 3cm long, jagged, at the center of the tail shaft. I think Kiki was lucky to not lose his tail! The boy also felt the same way.

Kiki was still in pain, so I told the boy to let him sleep.

I am very gald to know that they bother to take care of Kiki, as I am sure the vet bill would be astronomical. I had told Spencer, so that she can tell the other kitties to pray for Kiki, and his speedy recovery.
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Because England defeated Tonga 36-20, they will be meeting the Wallabies in the quarter final on 6th Oct. A replay of the Sydney Final in 2003.

Gaaaaaaaaah *pulling hair*

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Today is Sister P's birthday.

She has a little girl now, on top of JD, and she has just started on her own daycare in Perth. I really don't know where she finds the energy, determination and patience to take care of so many toddlers and kids, and at the same time being a 100% PERFECT mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, and sister.

Happy birthday, Sister P. Have a happy day!!!

Sorry I never send any card or pressies.......too many things happening at work.......
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Friday, September 28, 2007

I hope Tonga kicks England's ass.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heavy rain this morning, so I didn't see Mera. I only fed Calico and Yb. They were very hungry.

Hat left after breakfast. He wasn't that terrified of Max, but he preferred not to stay in the same house.

I think, Max has put on weight. He looks like a hu lu now. Especially when he is wearing the shirt.

I saw Bh2 again tonight, at the void deck. He was grooming. He looked happy. When I poured out the biscuits, he butted my hand away so he could eat immediately.
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Heavy rain in the morning. Bleh.

It was very warm last night, I don't think Spencer or Max slept with me.

Glad to see Hat waiting on the bookshelves, despite Max's presence.

And Max had a very very good appetite.

Spencer grumbling.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is One-Eyed Jackie. She lives at the opposite block. She sleeps on the balcony. Someone had saved her, neutered her, and continued to feed her. She has been around for a few years now. I don't know what happened to her eye, but she is coping well, as far as I can see. She is chubby, and her fur clean and soft. She only comes to me ocassionally, when she is very hungry. She doesn't like Yb.

I made a toy with a bamboo stick, a raffia string and a bit oof tape. Hat enjoyed it very much. Silly boy.

His eye is still not 100% well.
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Spencer was watching me even though she was asleep.
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I just saw Kiki in his house. He was wearing a collar!! He has a bandage around his lower abdomen!! Oh no!! I don't know what happened to him!!

I had left a note and some catfood on the door for his owner.

Get well soon, Kiki.

By the way, I had seen Bh2 tonight. He was grooming himself under the void deck, at the letterbox area. He seemed well. I gave him biscuits.
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Big moon tonight.
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This is an long overdue post.

It was my dad's 70th birthday on the 23rd September 2007.

He loves his dogs. His neighbours in the Malaysian town think he spends too much on the dogs' vet bills, but he never agrees with them. He takes care of stray dogs which come his way. He swears by coconut juice, to cure all ailments.

He loves period drama serials from China. So much so that when I walk into the video shop, the shop assistants will show me only those box sets.

He loves exercises. After all these years, he still wakes up at 5am to climb the mountains, any mountain. He wears off one pair of NewBalance a year.

He loves traditional cuisine: hokkien mee, the stickier the better; fuchou meatballs; pig trotters in soya sauce; curry, not the nyoya or rendang type; thick Hainan coffee, which he doctors with dark chocolate cubes; assam fish; nasi lemak.

He has a sweet tooth. And he eats all kinds of sweet, rich, fried, spicy, sour stuffs without putting on an ounce of excess fats.

When he travels, he packs light and takes care of his fellow travellers. When he is in a strange city, he just wanders off on his own, making friends along the way. More often than not, he would call up one of his acquaintances from 19xx time, and touch base.

He loves to watch the news on TV. On top of getting them off the internet and newspapers. But he doesn't want Astro *scratch head*

Happy 70th birthday, dad!! Sorry the candles were a bit burnt down, because we were fiddling with the self timer on the camera........

We hope you had a great time.
Thank you for providing me with an education, passing down your genes of work ethics, compassion towards animals, and addiction to news programmes. Thank you for providing me with an enviroment which allowed me to read.

And mum outdone herself again:
stir fried capsicums ( three colors ), with cashew and ginkgo nuts
stir fried prawns with dessicated coconuts and curry leaves
red eggs
pork spare ribs with fruit ( orange, apples ) sauce
braised chinese cabbage in chicken stock with Vietnamese scallops
fried egg noodles
chicken curry ( !!! )
duck soup with salted vegetables and tomatoes ( ham choi gap )
blackforest cake-store bought

Loyal, fiesty Calico.
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Cautious, anti social Muzzy. He never mixes around with other kitties.

Shy, Jumpy Ginger.

Spencer's "nephew".

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The last time I saw Bh2 was on the 22nd. After that he never turned up for meals. I haven't manage to meet the uncle and asked him about BH2.

But Sister S said she did see Bh2 last night, at the letter box area, grooming up a storm.

So will Mera be the next Alpha Male from now??