Monday, October 31, 2005

It is going to rain soon.

Hat was hungry but refused to eat. The ugly yellow cat is still at the power station, I think BH2 tolerates him. BH2 was walloped by Kiki again last night behind the staircase. I am not sure why Kiki hates him so much, except Mayo and BH2 had been in a fight before.

Spencer did a bit of sports this morning, running about and kick-biting.

Hat was sitting under the stool, and for certain reason, it infuriated Spencer. She was puffy, pouncing about, showing him her broadest side of the body.


By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spencer!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do watch out for our Deepavali special on Tuesday. Posted by Picasa

You have to give full marks to Hat for his perserverance. He woke up at 3pm, hang around, had a can, then went back to sleep. He woke up at 6pm, hang around, appearing and disappearing again, watching from the corridor, napped on the steps, sat at the front door, and basically refused to leave until I gave him another can. I was preparing meatballs and didn't think he would be hungry so soon.

Kiki also had a can, and was trying to get our attention while we were trying the witch hat on Spencer. The three toms went off to play after food. Mayo tried to sneak in again, but Spencer snarled him off.

Spencer didn't look anything like a witch. Maybe the hat is not tall and pointy enough.

I made this witch hat for Spencer, using cardboard, masking tape and a piece of elastic band.

This was a old photo of Mera last year.

The weather is warm and windy.

Hat had gone to sleep in the box after brunch, but moved to the top of the wardrobe later.

Spencer still has problem sleeping, and is strolling about.

I made a witch hat for her for Halloween, but I wonder if she will cooperate in wearing it for photo shoot.

Going to be another warm day today.

I woke up at 8am, opened the door and saw Mera standing on the front steps. I am not sure if 1) he heard me and getting ready to come in 2) if he was going to spray on the morning papers or 3) he had been sleeping on the front steps. He yelled excitedly when the biscuits appeared, and he had a long drink. If he turns up again, maybe I will give him a bath.

Hat was resting on the park bench. His fur is clean and fluffy. I think he was hungry but I didn't want him to waste food again so I just gave him biscuits. He appeared two hours later, and only then I gave him a can.

Auntycat was loitering at the playground.

Spencer had a good work out this morning, punching biting the old socks on bed, and chasing me up and down the hallway, 5 times.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mayo and Kiki had a walkabout at the garden. Both were happily sniffing the bushes while Auntycat looked on. Mayo suddenly became tense and wanted to retreat, when Mera sprang out from the bushes and confronted Mayo. Mera jumped about 2 feet high, on all fours. It was terribly funny. Kiki happily trotted off while the two toms had a face off. Mayo managed to escape unharmed, and Merah continued to wait for Kiki to emerge. Unfortunately Kiki came out from another end of the bushes, and proceeded to pee in front of Merah for a long time. I am sure Mera must be grinding his teeth!

I took Merah upstairs so he could rest at home, as he had been at the garden for the whole afternoon. Hat dropped by, and left again.

Kiki was eating grass at the power station. When I was holding him, he started to vomit, and threw up grass and gastric juices. He was all puffed up and refused to budge. He appeared at our house after 2 hours and ate a little bit.

Bumped into a very ugly yellow cat at the power station when I was feeding BH2. Both of us got a shock. The yellow cat has very small ears.

Hat came up one hour later, dried, clean and happy. He was rubbing all over me to ask for food, so I gave him one can. He looked sleepy but couldn't seem to settle down. I tried to push him into the box but he must have detected Merah's scent, as he started to sniff loudly and looked upset. He went into the room and Spencer was warning him loudly.

A fine morning, so Spencer was enjoying the sunshine. However, there must had been some cat intruders the night before, as Spencer was sniffing the morning papers, grilles and windows intently. Merah did the same thing.

Played socks with Spencer. She became very aggressive and all her fur stood up.

Hat was here early but was choosy about breakfast. Very naughty. He just ate some biscuits. Merah was waiting for me downstairs. After tummy rub, I brought him upstairs for breakfast and he went to sleep on the wardrobe. Maybe he had been partying whole night.

Auntycat didn't recognise me without my keys. She was looking at me without any response from the bushes when I called her. Only when she came closer then she started to yell.

When I came back from Ikea, Merah was already at the garden and Hat was on the corridor.I saw that he was loitering aimlessly, so I bathed him. He took it in good strides. Posted by Picasa

Hat was hiding in my wardrobe one rainy evening, giving me a shock. Posted by Picasa

This was the missing photo from previous blog.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Spencer loves sleeping on beds.

No signs of Merah, maybe he feels he had lost face last night.

Hat was very excited tonight. He tried to climb trees but once again the tree trunk was larger than he could hold. Auntycat and BH2 ate under the tree.

Kiki and Mayo were already waiting. Kiki ate one can, while Mayo tried to sneak in and was smacked as he jumped onto the sofa. Hat ran off with him. Kiki wanted Hat's leftovers but he was not allowed. I assume they are all playing together at the corridor now. Posted by Picasa

Hat came at 8.20am and had a can. Then he did some stunts at the kitchen windows, refused the biscuits, and ate Spencer's lite version instead.

Last night I thought he left with Kiki and got myself a huge shock, when I found him sleeping inside my wardrobe. I think it was drizzling, so he thought there was no point in going down and getting himself wet again. He slept in the box on top of the bookshelves, to get more peace and quiet.

Merah was taken up at 10pm, as it had started to rain heavily. He was found waiting at the staircase, and no one was at home. He ate some biscuits and refused to stay. 10 minutes later, the thunders started. And Merah ran back to our house, petrified, and hid under the bed. He was trying to squeeze through the grilles but the thunders tensed him up, and I was fumbling with the padlock. He looked really scared then. Poor Merah! I should have gone down to find him when I heard the thunders.

I think there are only two things he fears in his life, BH1 and thunder. And maybe the fogging team.

I heard him tossing and turning under my bed. And Hat scratching the box early morning. The biscuits left outside were untouched.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The photo function at Blogger is working again. Great, that means I can post more than one picture each time!

Mayo kept wanting to enter the house, and making Spencer very angry. Especially when he started to smell her litter bin. Mayo, Hat and Kiki hid under the bed, but the boys left eventually. Kiki had one can, and seemed apologetic for Mayo's intrusion. He kept following Spencer, making whining noises. Spencer must have accepted his apologies, because he fell asleep belly up afterwards.

Hat was running about when he saw me at the mailbox, and wanting to climb trees. Except the tree trunk was wider than his paws put together. Auntycat and BH2 were hungry too. BH2 attacked me again, dumb cat.

Clever Hat turned up at 7.30am today as what I told him. So proud of him. He ate half can and seemed not satisfied, even with biscuits. He just loitered and stared at me. He refused to sleep.

Auntycat slept in, so no breakfast for her. Mera crawled out with sleepy eyes from the bushes. I asked him to wait for his owner to feed him before she went to work, but I brought him some biscuits later before I left.

BH2 was lying limply in front of the power station, giving me a weak with hunger look. I only skipped his dinner last night, so he didn't need to be so weak. He is a stray afterall! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kiki loves his mouse, especially after it had been treated with catnip. Posted by Picasa

Spencer "chopping" a good spot to spend the night.

Hat and Auntycat were hungry tonight, and followed me to the post box. I told them to turn up early tomorrow morning.

Spencer vomitted on top of the shoe cabinet and made a huge mess with the litter bin. We felt she was making a protest. Hat was a bit scared of her still. Posted by Picasa

Mayo the intruder.

Kiki came again last night, sitting outside the door. I played mouse and stick and paper with him while Spencer sulked at the other room. She fell asleep on the bed. After play, Kiki wanted food. I don't know how to explain, but he had that "I am hungry" look on his face. Hat also know how to do that look but it is arder to tell for Spencer. He had one can and left.

Some cats fought in the morning.

Hat came a 8am as it rained earlier. He ate Spencer's lite biscuits and didn't stop munching until Spencer stood in front of him and pounced. He loitered aimlessly until I opened a can for him. He hated the the sound of the shoe cabinet being opened. Now he is trying to leave the kitchen but Spencer is standing guard and snarled at him.

Mera was resting at the gazebo, I took him up for breakfast.

Auntycat was peeping from the staircase. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hat's dirty paws with toenail missing.

He wanted food but not tonight's menu. I didn't give him extra, as there are more unfortunate strays around. He is playing with Kiki and Mayo on the corridor, only Kiki snacked in between. Hence his size.... Posted by Picasa

Spencer being excited by a lizard. I have to say since her arrival, we hardly see any cockroaches and lizards at the house anymore. Posted by Picasa

Mayo is here again, peeping at the door, making Spencer very angry. She is snarling at him now. Posted by Picasa

Hat looked like a lizard.

I was woken up at 2am by people talking at the playground. Actually they had been at it since 11pm. Spencer thought I was awake and tried to attack my big toes through the quilt. I called the police about the noises and moved to another room as I did not know if the police would turn up soon. Spencer moved with me to the other room too, but she slept on the bed.

This morning when I woke up at 8am she was still sleeping. She was acting strangely, not wanting her breakfast, expecting something.

I fed BH2 and there was no sign of the others. I let Hat eat biscuits after his look out at the kitchen windows, but he was still waiting, so I gave him a can. He was very hungry. When I left for work, Auntycat appeared from the bushes so I had to go back up to get her biscuits. While she was eating, BH2 appeared asking for more food.

When I wanted to leave again, Mera appeared from the bushes and asked for tummy rub. I carried him upstairs and got biscuits for him. He didn't stay, as he saw Hat on the corridor. BH2 saw me coming down and started to roll on the grass, begging. Mera was staring at him from 5 feet away. When BH2 rushed towards me and ran across Mera's path, Mera growled at him. Auntycat had that "uh oh" look on her face.

The strays at Blk 703 were all cold and huddled together in the evening.

Merah was watching his dad washing the bike. Kiki was sitting on the window. I waved at him. He appeared at our house soon and had a can. Hat didn't want dinner but came back one hour later, singing on the corridor. He had some biscuits and left. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 24, 2005

Mayo the long legs dropped by for a visit at night. Spencer was dozing in the room and when she saw Mayo approaching her basket, she sprang up and snarled at Mayo. Mayo tried again for a few times, and seeing that Spencer was dead serious, he tried to escape. He managed to sneak away with any furs and fists flying. Spencer was huffing and puffing for a while, and fell asleep soon afterwards.

Hat sang at 10pm. I was too tired to entertain him, so I just opened the door and he ate Spencer's lite biscuits. I don't think he stayed to sleep. Posted by Picasa

Hat rushed towards me even before I reached the mailbox. He skipped breakfast today so was rather hungry by night, as it had rained too. He went to the kitchen windows again this morning, but I had shut them, so he could not stick his head out.

Saw Merah at the garden this morning. I waved at him.

Spencer had big breakfast today, turkey in sauce and Hat's rejected fish. After that she looked happy and contented. When I reached home, she still looked sleepy.

Kiki just appeared. Most of the bicycle grease is gone, I wonder what his owner used on him! Mayo was here too, but Spencer growled at him. He has long legs. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hat was looking out the kitchen window after his afternoon nap. I managed to clean his nametag today. Posted by Picasa

Kiki was being naughty. I saw him at the power station sniffing about, and grabbed him upstairs. Then he went down again to terrorise OldTom, and when I took him up again, his left snout was smeared with bicycle grease. We tried to clean him with wet wipes, but he got very upset and aggressive. He felt better after one can.

Mera was rolling on the grass and refused to come up with me, but he appeared eventually and had lots of biscuits. Posted by Picasa


How many fingers??

This is the 300th post!! Posted by Picasa


How many fingers??

This is the 300th post!! Posted by Picasa

Hat couldn't sleep very well because I was cleaning the house. And he was trotting in and out with no specific purposes, even sitting on the kitchen window ledge. Since he just ate at 10am, I thought he was just complaining of his dirty bedsheets. He still refused to settle down after I sunned his cushion. he had one can at 1pm, and went to bed happily. His white toy dog has become very grey.

Spencer woke up at 3pm to have a small snack.

The yellow stray cat is back again. Posted by Picasa