Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mera and Hat slept for the whole afternoon, even though the pipe workmen left at 3pm.

Spencer didn't sleep very well. I guess she felt she needs to be awake since I was at home. At 5pm, she asked to go into the store room to nap.

Too sticky for cycling. Posted by Picasa

I went for a haircut, and bought a cooking pot, 3 dresses and Body Shop shower gels.

When I reached home, Mera was sleeping on the cabinet behind the curtains. I gave him some biscuits and escorted him to the staircase. At the slightest of noise, he ran back again into the house. I guess he will only leave when the workmen leave at 5pm. I gave him a catnip pillow to relax him.

I rang the keys to summon Hat, because he didn't have breakfast. Auntycat, BH2 and the calico flocked around, and Hat didn't appear until much much much later. He was alarmed to see Mera. After one can, I put him on the bookshelf. He is conked out now.

Only Spencer is still wide awake. Posted by Picasa

Today is 端午节, the 5th day and 5th month of the chinese calendar. The dumplings, or 棕子, and dragonboat races, are common enough. Our ancestors also marked the ocassion with wearing pommades, drinking medicinal wines and bathing with herbs to cool down the body and prevent the posionous insects.

In Chinese folklores, Madam White Snake 白素贞 drank the wine 雄黄酒, turned into her original form the giant white snake, and scared her useless husband to death, literally.

Mera ran into the house at 9am. He was a bit damp. I didn't know what spooked him,so I just gave him some biscuits. Then I realised they were fixing pipes at the staircase landing. The strange men and noises must have disturbed him. Mera tried to leave, repeatedly, but he turned back each time. I explained to him it might take a few hours, and he had to stay in the house. Mera, being his stubborn self, refused to listen. After the 10th attempt, he finally gave up, and rest on the wardrobe.

The calico was impatient, and Auntycat growled at her. Hat was damp too, and refused to come upstairs with me.

I think the pipe burst, and splashed both Mera and Hat. Posted by Picasa

Last night, Spencer and I had a ceasefire. She was screaming and shrieking, and I didn't know what she wanted. So finally I decided to let her be, and ignored her. She seemed to calm down eventually, and slept under my bed.

I think she is not an affectionate cat, and we need to give each other some space. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just one of those days when everything went wrong and most of the people you met were lunatics or psychopaths.

Spencer woke me at 7am, by screaming.

I woke up to prepare her breakfast. Then she poo-ed and pee-ed. Then when I woke up again, she had practised butt-drawing all over the kitchen floor.

Then I discovered she had chewed through 3 bags of Friskies in the store room.

And when I came back from feeding the cats, Spencer had vomitted all over the shoe cabinet, and the stuffs meant for the salvos.

Then at work, the usual interactions with the lunatics and psychopaths.

Then 3 Indian kids chased Auntycat across the garden. By the time I went down with a big stick, they were gone. Mera was fortunately unscathed.

I was so pissed off I had to go for cycling, just to let off steam.

Mera is at the garden now. He had eaten, and is waiting for his dad. I played with him for a while, while Kiki looked on from the window. Hat was around, but vanished again. BH2 was running after me, but Mera stopped him and beat him. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

Spencer was already sleeping when I went to bed last night. I heard her jumping onto my bed sometime during the night.

When I woke up at 8am, Hat was already in the house. He strolled to the kitchen, saw Sister S, and quickly hid behind the pot plants. He felt better after breakfast.

Then he wanted to go out through the windows, and stopped suddenly. Spencer jumped up too, to make sure he leaves quickly. Both of them sat on the show cabinet staring at outside. I opened the door, and saw Mera. Mera was very hungry and meowed loudly.

Auntycat, BH2 and the calico had all been fed. Posted by Picasa

The rain finally stopped at 5pm. I was having a nap, and Hat woke me up by singing. I gave him some biscuits. Then he slept on the bookshleves.

Hat came back again at 8pm, asking for dinner. Sister S said it is only fair for each cat to eat one meal a day, and Hat didn't want biscuits. Spencer was also watching him closely, so he left.

Auntycat came up at 9pm. Maybe Hat sent her to enquire about dinner. She wanted to barge in but Sister S stopped her. I guided her to where the biscuits were outside, and she munched happily. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I think Zeus was referring to these black spots?

Has been raining since 12pm. Luckily I had done my cleaning, laundry, cycling and marketing! I tried to find Hat but he was in hiding. Mera was already carried back to his place by his dad, before the rain started. Spencer was complaining about something, and so I locked her in the store room with her basket so she could calm down.

Woozy from the cold and sore throat medications. Posted by Picasa

Typical Sunday afternoon activities:

Human watching CSI
Cats sleeping, one on sofa, one in the room, the other one in the basket on the shoe cabinet. Posted by Picasa

I woke up at 8am to give Spencer breakfast, but she tried to wake me at 9am again. Hat came up soon afterwards, and Spencer chased him out of the bedrooms. They had a scuffle, and Spencer threw up, to mark her territory.

The calico was late turning up for breakfast, and was running in front of me, trying to trip me. And made me step on her paw as a result.

Spencer is whimpering again.

Overcast, may rain soon. I am having this itchy throat. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I had a CE to go to at 1pm. Spencer was OK today, quite calm. Hat had settled on the bookshelves. Spencer saw that the time was 12.45pm, and went into the store room to snooze.

Crazy crowded at Orchard. The start of the Sale and school holiday. nightmare!

I reached home just before 6pm. Hat was still on the bookshelves, Spencer was stretching and yawning. 3 minutes later, Mera came out from my room, looking sheepish. I gave him some biscuits. The boys left eventually.

Sister J has the flu, I think I am coming down with one too. Max is asking for more food these days. We are not sure if he is really hungry, and just enjoys the process of eating. He is going through more than 50g of biscuits a day. And his gum problem is back. Other than that, he is one happy affectionate Persian. Posted by Picasa

I was closing the shutters last night, and saw Hat looking at me from the playground. he didn't come up though. I heard cats crunching biscuits outside, I opened the door, and saw BH2. He yawned and meowed at the same time, showing off his pink gums. I think he has Persian blood, like Max and Toro.

No signs of Auntycat this morning. Hat came at 9am, and had two protions of breakfast. Spencer cahsed him out of the house, but he managed to sneak in again to nap. The calico meowed at me for food. Posted by Picasa

Long, tired day.

Reached home at 10.45pm, and saw Hat doing a pee at the garden. He didn't come up. Apparently Spencer slept in until 10.20pm!! She was still on the sofa when Sister S reached home.

Sister S was waiting for me to come back so we could watch the Jewel In The Palace DVD, to see which palace lady win the cooking competition. Duh. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

Got this picture off the internet when I was browsing.

I am still watching the Korean drama Jewel In The Palace. One of the palace ladies said something like this:

" We are constantly changing, by the circumstances and people around us. The main thing is to hold on to your ideals and principles, to steer you in the right direction. If you take shortcuts or cheat in order just to win a competition, or just to solve an immediate challenge which pops out, you will lost your sense of direction, and will not find the right path again. "

She hit the nail right on the head there.

Something happened at work, which totally cheesed me off. The new leader is a bumbling fool, and does not have leadership qualities or any clue to the direction the team is heading. The bosses which I had respected and admired, turned out to be power hungry, back stabbing, scheaming, two-faced bitches. The persons they had assigned to help us is selfish, and doesn't want us to do well, for fear it will undermind her position in the hierachy.

The whole company has lost its plot. Posted by Picasa

Sister S told me some cats must have visited the day before, because there were sand bits on the sofa. Most likely Mera's handiwork!

Hat had another breakfast. BH2 was with the calico. The calico was not as aggressive as before, as if assured that there is food for her too. Posted by Picasa

I managed to catch the early bus home last night. Hat came at 11pm, ate some biscuits , and slept on the bookshelves. I don't know why he was so tired. Spencer wanted to stay outside, but it was late, so I took her to my room.

Hat came back at 9am again. He ate Spencer's leftover, and some biscuits. Now he is sleeping again. Spencer didn't scream this morning. Maybe it is cooler.

I dreamt that I was shearing my own hair. I must be too stressed out. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Woke up at 7am by some brats screaming at the playground, so I prepared Spencer's breakfast. Then I had some long, convulated dreams about Sisters J and S and I in a car and saw two pups bitten by a snake on the highway and we had to find someone to adopt the pups. Weird. Spencer tried to wake me at 8am and 9am again.

Very very warm weather. Mera had already gone into hiding when I came down, so it was the usual gang for breakfast. BH2 looked a bit skinny. Hat came up by himself at 10am. It is so hot he couldn't nap, so he is now taking the wind in front of the kitchen windows. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Count Meracula: " I...want....your...blood...too...."

It was almost 11pm when I reached home. Spencer was sleeping already, no sign of the others. Now the strays are down to one feed a day, and Mera and BH2 do come up to snack in the middle of the night.

I told dad that Spencer has been upset. He asked if:
a) Spencer misses Max
b) I had been rearranging the furnitures
c) Max didn't say goodbye to her

He is funny.

I did put an air freshener in the store room, to cover the smell of the cat food. Spencer was most upset by it. She demanded I opened the store room door, took a whiff at it, screamed, and walked away. Then she repeated it many many times. I finally removed the offending source of smell, aired the room, and put her basket back in. She fell asleep. Cheh, what a Diva! Posted by Picasa

I woke up at 5am today. Spencer was resting in her basket. Her bowl was empty. So who is training who?

She woke me at 8.15am for more food.

There has been a slight improvement. She didn't eat so furiously last night, and was quiet. She slept with me. Maybe the little pep talk has permeated her little brain somehow. Posted by Picasa

New stereo, to replace the old and trusty Philips, with the CD player which doesn't work. Plus the Medion does not have the obsolete cassette deck, so the whole unit is slimmer.

It was quite easy to assemble, and the sound quality is good.

Now I can play classical CD for Spencer when I am at work, and does not have to switch on the radio for the whole day. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I saw Mera at the garden in the afternoon, after Hat had woken up. Auntycat asked for food too. I took Mera upstairs and gave him some biscuits, then he decided to go and talk to Spencer. I went cycling.

When I came back, Mera was already asleep on the sofa. I was quite surprised. Normally he doesn't stay long. I did check for wounds, lumps and cuts. He seems pretty OK, just tufts of fur missing from his forehead and ears, not feverish.

Maybe he is just tired.

Remember to brush your teeth, kids! And floss everytime!

One of Hat's fangs had broken off. The dentist did comment on it, and asked me to watch for greying and signs of decay.

I had been working rotating shifts and weekends since 1st May, and have come up with various ways to survive the irregular hours. I am OK so far, but I think Spencer is in a wreck. Hence her recent violent and clingy behaviours. I hope she will recover soon, and be back to her old self. I guess everything came together: my changing hours, Max's visit, and Sister S's trip to Germany; so our sour puss here just couldn't cope very well.

How to survive the night shifts:

1) Sleep early and wake up at regular hours, not more than 90 minutes from the normal sleep and wake times.

2) Indulge in a bit of escapism to de-stress.

3) Eat more low GI food for more energy.

4) Coffee- the eternal elixir.

5) Try alternative medicines, to combat the irregular hours, tiredness and "liver fire".

6) Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day.