Friday, February 29, 2008

This was last night.

Kiki had his dinner and went to bed quietly.
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The overcast weather made everyone comatose.

Except Mera.

He sang and sang at 5am, screaming his head off.

I crawled out of bed to dish out biscuits for him.

Then he came into my room and sang somemore, shaking his bell, training his claws on my bag........

Crazy tomcat...
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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It rained very very heavily this evening.

Sister S was playing with her new K800i. Spencer was terrible grumpy and vocal.
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He had been spending a lot of time outside.

I wonder if his owner is giving up on him. Sister S he had been here since 2am. I don't mind giving him foods, but I am just worried about his safety.
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I had an early training today.

I managed to feed Calico, Bh2 and Hat in the morning, but I didn't see Yb.

I came home for a while at 11am. Calico had morning tea, but still no Yb. Kiki was sleeping in my room, on the cabinet, Spencer on her throne, Hat was coming upstairs slowly, Mera rolling at the garden.

I had something to eat, then I went back to work.
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It is the scariest thing I have ever read, for a long long time.

Normally I don't get spooked by criminals on the run, but this was different.

And true enough, he vanished into thin air.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spencer is quite relaxed tonight, because the two toms didn't appear, I think.
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I came back to this in the evening.

I think it was the two black birds who broke the plate.
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Hat in the early morning.

See the shadow of me holding the camera.

Sister S said she saw Mera loitering on the corridor at 2am, and Kiki sleeping outside his house.

Since they both appeared at 8am, Kiki didn't go home again last night.

Calico had found another bicycle basket, but it was a cylindrical type.

So she was sleeping 4 paws up.......
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

See Kiki's tail........sweet hor?
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Kiki: hehehe.

I suspect he has been pee-ing in his house. I saw that his owner sun the cushions and pillows all the time. And Kiki has been spending a lot of time outside.

I don't think he knows what he has done wrong.......
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Ain't it sweet?

I had been hoping that they would do it.

Mera dropped by at 8pm, he ate and left.

Hat finished his dinner quickly, because Kiki was in the house.

Then Kiki ate everyone's leftover, and went to look for Spencer.
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Calico: " Me is not stern nor is a matriarch..!"
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It has been raining since last night. Kiki was here until late.

Yb came up early to ask for breakfast.

The old man had removed the burnt out basket, so Calico has to find another bed now.

Hat is still sleeping on the sofa.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear EJ, thank you for your reminder.

I will keep Gumby the Cactus at a safe place when I bath the cats in the bathroom. They may just jump onto the cistern and knock Gumby over.
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Dear Auntie P, yes, I agree that Calico always looks grouchy.......but, it is the way she is. Ooh you call those patches "flowers"....I always call them "muzzles"......hence the name Muzzy.

And please lah, your Coco is way way prettier and cuter than the ATM cat loh.......

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Spencer was watching the corridor, and the two toms stood guard.
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