Monday, December 31, 2007




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The vet just rang.

He was pretty sure it was struvite crystal and not oxalate.

He said Spencer's blood tests showed that her kidney, liver and electrolyte functions are all normal.

The x-ray did not show any large crystals in the bladder and urethra.

Basically what we need to do now is to let Spencer start the c/d as soon as possible, and to control the bladder infection.

By right the cranberry will help to acidify the urine. But if she keeps vomitting it out, we will have to stop that. Hopefully the c/d will help somewhat.
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Sunday, December 30, 2007




I read up about FLUTD today, when I was feeling more upbeat.

The danger is when the crystals get stuck in the urethra, it is a medical emergency.

The treatment may involve surgery.

What we can do is to make sure Spencer drinks plenty of water, has a diet which does not encourage crystal formation, ensure that she uses the bins regularly, and that she loses some weight.

I will know more when I speak to the vet tomorrow.
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Yesterday I had to work, so Sister S brought Spencer to the vet, for review.

Half way to the vet, she realised she forgot her wallet. Spencer was not impressed.

I purposely didn't leave any bins for Spencer for the whole day.

The vet managed to express some urine, with a piece of crystal. There was no more blood, and Spencer has no more frequency. The urine volume is bacl to normal.

The vet was very concerned about the crystal, or struvite. Sister S said she could see it, like a sugar crystal. They showed her under the microscope too.

The vet also did an X-ray and blood test for Spencer.

He attempted to explain to Sister S about the whole situation, but she had problem understanding him. He gave up, and said he will call me on Monday.

He prescribed more of the same antibiotics for Spencer, and Science Diet c/d FLUTD diet.

It is all very distressing.

Spencer is actually quite well, active and has a good appetite. I see that she is also drinking more water.
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The neighbour next door was sunning their mattress.

There are bed bugs on them.

What am I gonna do???
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Dad's dog in Malaysia was poisoned yesterday afternoon.

He went out, and someone threw a piece of poisoned meat into the compound.

Blacky ate the meat, Dino couldn't, because he was tied up.

Dad found Blacky in a state, and brought her to the vet immediately.

She was discharged this evening, with special diet for 3 days, and medications for 2 weeks. The vet said watch out for any vomitting.

The vet also said it was touch and go. Blacky was lucky to be found in time.

Whoever dog guardian angel is out there, THANK YOU.
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Bread Bar at Novena Square 2 #B1-19, turn left at Novena MRT exit gate, opposite Harvey Norman.

It is basically fried bread dough, or 油条 with dips. ( $1.60 for 1 set buy 5 get 1 free )

They come in classic, almond, onion, sesame, sunflower seeds abd green tea.

The dips come in kaya, caramel, peanut butter, cheese, blueberry, apple, mango, sweet wasabi, dark choc, milk choc and white choc.

I tried sesame with apple dip, and Sister S tried almond with dark choc dip.

They are very delicious!!!
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fan spinning .. .. ..

Spencer cleaning time

Friday, December 28, 2007



Brain is like glue.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My colleague came to me today, with great excitement.

"Cat_aunty! I have found a solution for Spencer's vomitting problem!!!"

They know Spencer vomits quite regularly, because I keep bringing cartons home, to replace the one she vomitted in.

"I have asked somebody, and she told me this is great for vomitting!"

Then she showed me a tin of Enfalac AR, which is what they used for babies who regurgitate.

" Try lah, if not Spencer always vomits and you have to bring boxes home all the time!! You put in her food, one small scoop, and try lah!"

I can only say, on behalf of Spencer, I thank you, for your concern!!!! *sweat*
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Santa was here.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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We spent a quiet day at home.

I am down with flu again.
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Christmas night dinner with Sister S and Sister W.

Tierney chicken sausages with German mustard, ketchup, and lettuce/ apple/ walnut/ cranberry salads in Japanese sesame dressing.

We tried to bake and boil the sausages. They tasted the same.

The Sapporo beer was surprisingly smooth.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Of course, Mera left in a huff.

I wonder if Hat is using Max as a shield.
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Hat is not scared of Max anymore. They are not exactly chums, but Hat doesn't run away when Max appears.

Last night Mera came at 11pm for supper. He kept shaking his bells outside to get my attention.

Then Hat came.

Of course Mera wanted to attack him. So I had to carry Hat onto the bookshelves, while Max slep in his basket.

Hat was worried initially, then he fell asleep. Max had a long night, so he slept soundly.

There were cats fighting outside at dawn.
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Groan....three more days to go....
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Soem dang cat pee-ed on the money plant.
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Spencer: I am just tolerating you.......
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