Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reached home at 8.20pm, Auntycat screaming under the tree for food while Hat waited at one corner. When he saw me, he started to roll on the floor. Auntycat rushed towards him, maybe to beat him. Hat followed me upstairs quickly.

No sign of BH2, Mera or Kiki.

Spencer lost interest in going out. Her urine smells. Posted by Picasa

It had been raining since last night, I was surprised Hat didn't come up. Mera was still downstairs as of 9pm, I brought him up for biscuits. Don't know where his dang owner is.

The biscuits left outside were all gone. Hat came in at 8am to have breakfast. I don't know how he knows I am awake. Maybe by listening to the alarm?

Spencer is still dripping urine on the floor, but it looks yellow.

No sign of Kiki and Mera this morning. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mera came up to eat biscuits at 6.30pm. Hat had finished his dinner and was sitting on the corridor. Mera stratched fore and aft, looked up and saw Hat.

Then he jumped up the corridor, and pushed Hat down.


I looked down and saw Hat was still conscious. I went down to check on him, Mera followed me at a slower pace.

Luckily it was only one storry high, if not Hat would have been broken to pieces! Posted by Picasa

It is a bird...

It is a plane....

It is..... Posted by Picasa

This is my birthday present, from the people at work.

It is a 2 ft high cat scratching pole, with 4 swinging mice and a two-faced mouse head.

When I opened the box, I laughed and laughed. I did tell them not to spend money to buy me stuffs and cakes, so they thought they would spend on my cats instead.

I think the pole is actually kitten size, and at the moment the cats are avoiding it. I think it will be some time before they would dare to use it.

However, it is a very thoughtful present! Posted by Picasa

Prime Kobe beef for sale....haha.

I came back from bank, and saw Mera loitering at the garden, so I took him up for snacks. Hat followed us too. Mera wanted to beat Hat, but Hat didn't seem to be too afraid of him. Kiki had gone home, Spencer should be hiding under bed. Posted by Picasa

Sun has come up, Spencer is sitting outside. Just now she attacked Hat, when he emerged from the kitchen after breakfast. Hat got such a huge shock. Spencer only managed to swipe at his tail, not sure if it was meant to be playful.

Kiki went to sit with BH2 at the garden, but he is up here now, napping. He is not a very good jumper. He had problem jumping down from a 4 ft height, and was making a huge fuss.

Hat is gone to the world, snoring gently. Posted by Picasa

Not going to work today, flu-ey, plus it is my birthday.

Opened the door at 8.45am and Kiki crashed in, he had been waiting outside. He made a beeline to the food cupboard and Hat trotted in after him. Spencer went to sit outside.

Kiki had one can and some leftovers. Hat had biscuits. The two boys seemed to patch up again. Last night both were at the house until late. Hat slept, and Kiki was catching lizards at the garden then came up for supper. I hope Kiki went home last night.

Mera came too, but didn't stay. He didn't mind Kiki too much. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

When I came back, Kiki, Hat and Auntycat were already at the garden, playing among the safety nets. BH2 appeared when I brought food, and Kiki kept smelling his tail. I am not sure if Kiki is still hostile towards BH2. They didn't fight, Kiki let BH2 eat in peace, but later I saw him chasing BH2 with raised hackles. Only Mayo stayed at home, being a good boy. Hat ate a big dinner, and went down again to play.

This BH2 is quite pitiful, even Auntycat shouts at him. The other night he was resting at the wall, not realising Mera was just sitting around the corner. I went to pat Mera, he stood up and turned the corner, and BH2 immediately lie down and showed Mera his tummy. Cheh. Useless tomcat. Posted by Picasa

Whaddaya lookin at??!

Mera trying to nap at the garden.

This is an unaltered photo, surprised to see that the fur details stand out so well in the afternoon light. Posted by Picasa

Kiki was shocked to find a stash of Xmas presents, confirming his suspicion that there never was a Santa Claus.

Spencer was screaming at 7am, Kiki dropped by later to join forces. Hat appeared at 7.50am, ate his breakfast and was looking for cockroaches. But he left later.

Kiki ate, and had a rough and tumble play. He has been wheezing and coughing for the last 2 days, maybe we should inform his owner. It didn't sound like furballs.

Blood again in Spencer's urine. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A quiet day. Hat and Spencer slept intermittenly, and snacked a few times. The strays are fed early today. Mera is loitering at the garden, but Auntycat doesn't seem to be afraid of him. Spencer is still spending plenty of time outside the house. Maybe the previous trauma stimulated her, and she is more interested in her surroundings. Posted by Picasa

Spencer peeping through the windows.

She is in good spirits today, the urine seems clear.

Mera is sleepy, and nodding off at the garden, but refused to stay in. He is drinking lots of water today. Hopefully it is becuase of the weather and not that he is unwell!

Hat came at 10.20am to have breakfast, but left afterwards. Posted by Picasa

Kiki, a la Tony Leung Chiew Wai.

Spencer is kicking a fuss this morning. I don't know what she wants.

Some cat was screaming at the corridor last night. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kiki dropped by at 5pm with Mayo. He ate the leftovers, played a bit, and had a wheezing spell. Hopefully just hairballs. Mayo is skinny with long legs, and still terribly shy.

Hat had dinner and went back to bed, as it was still raining. Spencer is sleeping too. Posted by Picasa

BH2 was sleeping at the power station when I came back. It was drizzling. Auntycat asked for food. I told her not to be so loud, as Mera was nearby and might box her again.

Mera came up for biscuits but didn't want to stay.

Spencer was a bit distressed because I cleared the old magazines under the bed, in preparation for the new bed delivery next wednesday. She should be able to keep her old sleep boxes. Spencer is spending a long time outdoors, I am not sure what she is waiting or looking for. And she likes to sleep on top of the wardrobe now, looking outside the windows.

Hat came up, had a long wash, and fell asleep. He found the box too cramped for his taste today. Posted by Picasa

Was given a lift to the vet. He was doing surgery at 2pm, so I couldn't speak to him on the phone.

He was wearing such an ugly surgical scrub, I was temporarily lost for words. And there was a dog howling mournfully from the backroom, so it was rather distracting.

Spencer is given another type of antibiotics to try, NOT the one that may cause blindness. But if that doesn't help in 3 to 4 days time, we would have no other choices. If even that doesn't work, Spencer will have to undergo ultrasound under anesthesia, to check for tumours.

She is also on steroids now as the previous anti inflammatory cannot be taken for more than 4 days.

If Spencer is off her food, depressed, lethargic and loses weight, I have to bring her to the vet again, immediately. Even if this infection clears off, the vet wants to see her again, just to make sure the urine is OK.

It is all rather distressing. Posted by Picasa

Missing photo from last blog. Posted by Picasa

Hat was already waiting outside at 7.45am. I did ask him to come early today, as I need to leave the house by 9am. Clever boy. He was very hungry.

Mera was resting at the gazebo, I think he came earlier this morning, but there was no food for him.

BH2 stretched fore and aft when he saw me.

Spencer was sleeping on the wardrobe, she is acting strangely. Still blood in her urine. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 25, 2005

Spencer has blood in her urine again. Sigh. I thought she was responding to treatment.

I left tuna outside last night, and the plate was licked clean, I am not sure by who.

I had to leave the house early today, and it rained in the morning, so BH2 took a while to appear. Hat was waiting downstairs, and slept after breakfast. He skipped dinner last night, so ate the canned food and biscuits heartily. As expected, Kiki didn't appear, but Mayo was sitting on the window, looking at the rain. I saw Mera, looking cold, and Auntycat, but I didn't feed them as I didn't have biscuits in my bag.

When I reached home, Auntycat shouted for food, and followed me to the post box, grumbling all the way. I saw Mera sulking at the garden path, so I went to pet him. Auntycat was still standing there grumbling, then before I knew it, quick as lightning, Mera jumped up and attacked Auntycat. Auntycat screamed, and Mera chased her with puffy tail and hackles. I grabbed Mera by the waist and he screamed in protest.

Auntycat was alright, and didn't make anothert sound. BH2 was so traumatised he slunk away. Later I saw Kiki and Hat looking on from the corridor. Apparently when Auntycat screamed, hat ran into the house.

Kiki had eaten the leftovers and went home, Auntycat had her dinner under the tree, and I had to search for BH2. Hat had his dinner, sulked on the corridor, and came back to sleep. He looked a bit downcast, either he is sick, or something happened today at the house. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kiki went down to the garden after breakfast, but BH2 appeared, so Kiki ran home quickly. I saw him climbing the door grilles, not sure for what purpose. I approached him, he saw me, and ran back to the door quickly. I deduced he wanted to go home, so I pressed the doorbell for him. Unfortunately no one opened the door, so I brought him home. He collapsed on the floor. Hat slept on in his cubby box with a towel.

When I came back, Auntycat and BH2 were under the tree, BH2 calling for food. When I went down, he came up the staircase and stopped me from moving. I was very afraid he would bite, so we had a stalemate for a while. Auntycat shouted at him, so he moved, while I tried to walk further away from him to avoid being attacked. Those old man sitting under the tree laughed at me. I told them BH2 bites, they said nevermind lah. Aiyoh.

Hat is being naughty again, he stil hasn't come up for dinner. The cats have tuna tonight. Posted by Picasa

Mera wanted to fight with BH2 at the garden last night. Actually BH2 was just sitting there minding his own business. Mera saw me and started to advance towards BH2. Hat quickly moved to a safer spot but with a full view of the show.

Spencer hid under the bed last night, refusing to come out to take her medication. When she finally came out, she spat the tablets all over the bed.

Kiki came in the morning, fur slightly wet, maybe from walking among the bushes. I find that Spencer treat the tomcats better nowadays. She doesn't scowl at them anymore. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I was very late tonight, because the dang bus never appeared.

Auntycat and Hat were waiting for food under the tree, Kiki in front of his house. When he saw me, he yawned, as if he had been waiting for a long time. He ran in front of me with tail high, and wound around my legs while I unlocked the door. He is a funny boy. Hat trotted in after him. He looked better after sleeping at 9am this morning. I thought I heard Spencer greeted him.

All the cats had eaten except BH2, he tried to bite me again. I knocked his head. Posted by Picasa

Come to think of it, Spencer switched off the table fan during the night.

I saw BH2 sitting on the stone table at the gazebo, he looked like he was resting. I brought the food over, and shocked to see Mera sitting less than 2 feet away from him, on a stack of chairs! Mera also looked like he was napping. I went :"Oi!", both of them woke up with a start. BH2 went off to eat while Mera pretended to sniff at the spot where he had been. I just wonder how they could sit so amicably side by side when last night they were fighting under the bike. Either they really are friends, or due to the rain, they compromise for this one time.

Maybe it was all a show, put up by them for the benefit of us humans, to prove that Mera is the top cat! Posted by Picasa

I wonder if Hat is ill. Last night he slept after dinner, from 8pm onwards. It was chilly so I gave him a towel. It rained later in the night, hope Mera was dry and warm.

Spencer slept on my bed during the night. She yelled for breakfast at 8am. No sign of Kiki. Spencer is now chasing a moth. Posted by Picasa