Saturday, June 30, 2007

When I woke up, Hat was slouching on the fridge.

He does know how to jump in through the windows afterall. I am glad.

It is overcast. Hat is getting sleepy on the shoe cabinet.
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It is Sister S's birthday today. Many happy returns.

She is at home celebrating with parents.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Going to bed now. Long day tomorrow.
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Spencer had started to lick from the dome of CatIt. I still have the green bowl of water lying around, just in case.

Hat is still suspicious of it though.
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It is raining.

Hat was hanging around some ah bengs at the pergola. He was sitting, back to me, staring at the rain. I rang my keys, everyone looked around. And Hat flied towards me, tail held high. He was in this excited state for a while, skipping along the corridor and ambushing the umbrella.

He was very hungry. After that he and Spencer got into a slight scuffle.

I fed Calico. She was sleeping in the front basket of the bicycle.

No signs of Kiki or Mera. I didn't see Mera in the morning too.
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The stupid kid from third floor was climbing up the pipes, instead of using the stairs. I was closing the shutters, and got a shock.

Stupid idiot. I don't even understand why the Government give these people subsidies, for loitering, making noises abd creating troubles.

They are a waste of space.
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Erm. Question.

The water does not flow ALL over the dome, just over some portion. Is it normal?

I tried to adjust the knob, but it didn't help.
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Yb also has ashes all over him, which acts as a very good camouflage.

I wonder if the kitties play war games in the bush.


Imagine Bh2 and Calico in SWAT style night vision goggles......
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I saw Mera resting on a metal rack when I came back. I gave him the biscuits.

Then Hat came up for dinner.

No Kiki tonight though, maybe he is on MC.

Later I thought I should bring some fish for Mera. He was waiting on the grass. He just had a few bites, then his dad came back. He went off to join his dad, and I gave the leftovers to Bh2.
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I was a bit short with Spencer just now, because she shouted to be let in, when she saw Sister S approaching. I told her off for being a silly kitty, and she shouted back. Then she continued to scream, even during pee-ing. Sister S held her for a while, she ate biscuits, had some fish, then she finally calmed down.

Here she was inspecting my bag.

Spencer: " Nyak nyak nyak stupid human, I win!!! "

I gave her a piece of cupboard, as a peace offering.

Sister S said she is not drinking enough, we should put the green bowl back.

Hat came in quietly to eat breakfast, then he vanished. I couldn't find him anywhere.

He wasn't with the gang either.

I think Bh2 was talking to the ginger tom at the back of the shed.
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Bad cat fights last night and this morning.

I think it is Muzzlepuff and the ginger tom again. Sigh.

I don't think Muzzlepuff trusts me enough to allow me to put him in the cage.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

See his dirty paws!!

He had been playing at the ashes!
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I saw Mera at the garden, there was no one at home, so I carried him upstairs. No Kiki waiting at the corridor. Mera and Spencer shared a can of sardines. And Mera played with catnip.

Mera seemed better, not as glum. But he didn't stay. Kiki and Hat came later, and ate their dinners.

And. And. I saw Spencer drinking from the CatIt!! I put the biscuits and the green bowl next to the CatIt. After three days, she is finally used to the water sound!! I was so glad. Maybe it was Kiki who told her that he had drunk from it and he is alive and kicking.

Whereas Spencer looked like she was saying: " Why the hell are you screaming there for? And stop the camera!!!"

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8.45am Hat finished his breakfast and waited in the hall way, peering into the room.

8.46am Sister S exited room. " Hat, don't you dare to sleep on my bed today." Hat: " ok...."

8.47am " And not on my pillows and in the laundry basket too!" Hat: " ok...."

8.49am Sister S left the house

8.50am Hat into her room

8.55am Hat eating biscuits

9am Hat left the house

Hat came again at 10pm, to aske for some biscuits.

Kiki rest in the kitchen until late. He must had been very ill. He wasn't screaming or being nutty, he just sat on the chair under the table, in the dark.

Spencer kept him company until he left.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When I reached home, I saw Bh2 staring at Mera staring at Kiki, who was throwing up in the bush.

I carried Mera to the 5th floor, he kicked me a few times in the ribs, and screamed his head off. I let him eat outside his house, with the biscuits I had with me. I have to remember to change the water for him next time. I hope he went inside the house later.

Kiki is not feeling too good. He only ate a little bit today.

The uncle told me a few days ago he is feeding the cats twice a day now.

It doesn't explain why the cats still chase after me and wolf down the fish everyday.
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The CatIt fountain, sigh, is NOT working.

So far only Kiki jumps onto the water table without any fear, and drinks from the OLD bowl. I gently nudged him towards the fountain. He stared at the dome, he took a few sip, looked puzzled, and left the table.

Hat still keeps a wide berth from the fountain.

I think Spencer must be very dehydrated now.
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I heard cats quarrelling this morning. I looked and looked, but couldn't see anyone.

When I went to feed the kitties, only Calico came, then dirty Ginger, then Fred.

I went to the power station and rang the keys. A very grey Yb appeared, then Macky, then Bh2.

Bh2 looked very upset about the screaming, so I went round the power station to see if I could stop the fight. I went around the building twice, the noise was there, but I couldn't see any tomcats.

Then KK came out too.

So it was only Muzzlepuff and Mera unaccounted for.

Then Bh2 bit me.

I told Bh2 I really couldn't help him or his friends, so he better eat his breakfast quickly.

It was only when I went back to the kitchen, then I saw the tomcats on the roof. I think one of them was Muzzy, the other didn't have a collar, so it was not Mera. The spot was about where I was standing when Bh2 bit me.

Wow. Was he trying to warn me?
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to Cats, ISBN 978-986-7059-83-3 Locus Publishing 2007

A lovely book, by Yoonjoo Kwon, a Korean artist. ( )

There are photographs of Naong and whimsical sketch drawings.
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Funny Hat.

He knows Sister S was complaining that his white fur messed up the bed sheet, so he sleeps in the laundry basket instead.
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Something which I have been thinking a lot about.

One colleague mentioned this to me. Suddenly I understand better why I feel certain ways about my job.
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