Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hat just crept in quietly.....Turf war for the sofa continues.... Posted by Picasa

I covered the sofa with an old bedsheet, because it was cooler that way, and prevented dust. Spencer likes to hide underneath the cover in the mornings and ambush me.

Last night, Hat dropped by, and discovered the sofa cover too.

This morning, I wanted to bring Hat up for breakfast, but he kept running about, so I came up and do my own things. Me and Spencer were sitting by the door, when Spencer started to stare at the cover. I thought she wanted to go in, so I flipped the cover. Before you know it, Hat sprang out! And scared both of us to death! I didn't even know when he hid himself underneath the cloth. Spencer didn't like his tricks at all, and slapped him right there and then. Hat ran out, and sulked next to the pot plant. I left for work, and pushed him back into the house.

Just now I took Hat up for dinner. He had a bit of biscuits, and disappeared again. I should have known better, because he ambushed us again. Spencer growled, and chased him away.

Sigh. These two..... Posted by Picasa

3 minutes later..... Posted by Picasa

I was on the PC, and when I turned around, that was what I saw.

Spencer was fast asleep on the sofa, like a human. Posted by Picasa

Hat came at 10.30pm, singing to be let in. That means things are back to normal.

Spencer glowered at him at the door, so Hat lie down outside. I set out his bed for him, and took him in.

Spencer refused to stay in my room, she would rather keep Hat within her sight.

Later I found Hat sleeping underneath the sofa covers. Haha.

It is cooler today, Spencer sat outside and listening for birds. She was quite hungry this morning. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

Whah so tired today.

When I reached home with Hat, Spencer was just crawling out from under the sofa covers. She let Hat finished his dinner, then chased him out of the house with a snarl. Hat is positively greyish looking. Posted by Picasa

Couldn't sleep last night, and had a bit of tummy problem, so overslept this morning.

Another warm, hazy day. Spencer didn't even want to step outside. She played a bit under the sofa cover.

Auntycat is back, had a big breakfast. BH2 is really getting quite solid. Hat had breakfast downstairs, and refused to come up. Merah was already sleeping somewhere, among the bushes. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

An overcast, warm day.

Did the usual cleaning, mopping, laundry, topping up catfood and marketing. Spencer was very talkative, and kept getting underfoot. She talked very loudly, ambushed me from under the bedsheets, and asked to go out many times. She sat on whatever magazines I was tidying. I think she was actually having fun. After that she rest in her basket on the bed, and moved to the sofa later, sleeping under the covers.

She woke up at 5pm, had some biscuits, and went back to bed. Merah popped by at 6.30pm. I always feel previledged when he drops by. He had some biscuits, sniffed around the house and left.

Now Spencer is sitting outside. I think she doesn't mind visitors dropping, but she much prefers being the sole cat of the household! Posted by Picasa

Max left last night at 10pm. I fed him some biscuits, cleaned his eyes and put him into the cage. His eyes were clear of discharges, I was really glad of that.

Max started to meow in the car, which made me feel really bad.

He sniffed around when he reached home, to make sure that everythind is as per normal. Then he ate some biscuits, kicked soccer, and went to the balcony to look at stars.

Spencer knows Max has left, so she is more relaxed. And stopped jumping on tables and ironing boards. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006

I am surprised I could last the whole day, being so tired.

Kiki was sitting on his window, I waved at him. Hat was at the garden with BH2.

Max's eyes were ok, not too sticky. And he is eating tonnes of biscuits tonight. He had started to chase Spencer around. She seemed OK with it though.

I brought out Max's stuffs, because he is going home tomorrow.

It is time consuming and labour intensive to take care of him, but the result is worth it. It is good to see him being more active and confident, and Spencer has come to enjoy his company. Max himself proves to be a good companion, being docile and loyal. Posted by Picasa

Kiki looked like Mera, at this angle.

He finally settled down, being reassured that everything is as it was, and he is still the most handsome tomcat on the block. He even started to make that chirruping sound, and followed Spencer around.

At 9am, when I fed the strays, he followed me back to his house, with the help of a little biscuits. The aunty quickly locked him in.

Max was OK when I let him out. He just sniffed a bit, and resumed his soccer game. Spencer seemed happy, and showed her tummy to Max.

Because of all these dramas, I was late for work today. Posted by Picasa

Spencer didn't look too happy with the intrusion of another tomcat, but she did try to talk to Kiki. Maybe to calm him down. Posted by Picasa

Kiki even took a look outside the house. Posted by Picasa

Kiki spent a long time sniffing at Max's beddings. He had seen Max before, and maybe he thinks that we had replaced him with Max. Spencer had appeared, and looked at Kiki. She didn't snarl at him, obviously she recognised him. Posted by Picasa

After breakfast, it was CSI time for Kiki again, as he tried to check out the presence of other cats in the house. He was so busy he refused to stay still and look into the camera. Posted by Picasa

I opened the door to let Max and Spencer out at 8am. Then I heard ringing of bells, coming towards our house. I thought it was Mera. Just then, Kiki appeared!!

His owner's mum was running after him, but he ran into our house. I tried to hold him, but Kiki was very upset and violent, sinking his two fangs into my arm. And he has put on considerable weight since the last time I saw him, and he was very powerful. The aunty said I could send Kiki back later, once he had calmed down. Max came out from the kitchen to stare at Kiki, making Kiki more upset. I locked Max into the store room.

Kiki was busy sniffing around, investigating and growling when I tried to pet him. Seeing that he was so upset, I gave him some food.

He liked the food very much. But his tummy is definitely bigger. Posted by Picasa

I woke up at 5.30am, and looked around on the bed for Spencer. There was a lump of fur next to me, but the fur was white!! Gaah!!

I almost jumped up, and wanted to kick Max out of my bed. He was sleeping very peacefully. Spencer was sleeping in front of the chest drawer. I don't know what Max had done, to persuade Spencer to give up this prime spot.

I went for a pee, and Spencer followed me. She didn't seem to be too upset, so I went back to sleep.

At 7am, when I woke up again, Spencer was sleeping next to me once more, while Max waited beside the bed. As usual, Spencer did all the shouting, while Max made grunting noises.

I wonder how long they had been doing this swap. At least it was a sign that Spencer has come to accept Max, and to consider him as part of the team. As a result, Max had this tendency to piunce on her and chase after her.

Max's eyes were clear this morning, the saline eyedrop is working.

Hat had got grease marks all over himself. Mera, Auntycat and BH2 all got their breakfasts today. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ugh. Don't feel too good, should be a bad virus. Better off to bed then. Posted by Picasa

Just a bit of clarification.

Spencer is actually a SHE.

I know she has a musculine name, and she doesn't look petite, gentle or feminine, she certainly doesn't act like a lady.

We gave her that name because 1) my sister, who picked her up, likes that name 2) it is in remembrance of someone 3) she is a tuxedo so we thought a butler name will suit her.

I can't imagine calling her anything else. Posted by Picasa

I got this bag for $11.90, at Mini Toons. A typical conversation.....

Colleagues: " Eh this bag very cute!"

Me: " Thanks. Got it from Mini Toons."

Colleagues: " Your cats won't pounce on it?"

Me: " For what?"

Colleagues: " Got fish picture outside mah, nyak nyak nyak nyak..."

Me: " ...bzzz..." Posted by Picasa

Server was down last night, and I was terribly tired, so I didn't blog.

This morning, I was so tired I went back to sleep after preparing the cats' breakfast. Max was quiet, while Spencer sat next to me on the bed and tried to wake me up. He did try to touch my legs using his wet nose/mouth/eyes. When I crashed back to bed again, Spencer came in and check on me. At 8.55am I received a SMS, telling me it is all hands on deck at the store, due to some VIP visit. I made sure all the cats had a good breakfast, and set out four litter bins. I managed to play ball with Max, and I explained to Spencer and Max that I would be back late tonight, and crawled to work.

Ended up it was a false alarm afterall. The visit is supposed to be 24th March, not 24th February. I was feeling so sick tired at work, I left 30 minutes earlier.

Max's eyes were not as bad tonight, maybe the saline eyedrop helped. The foil ball was not lost, miraculously. It was lying beside his biscuit dish. I managed to locate another two under the sofa.

Spencer is treating him better. She allowed herself to sit on the floor while Max kicked the ball around. And she sat less than 1 foot away, when I fed him biscuits. I think she has come to accept his presence.

Kiki's owner seems to work in the same area as me. I wonder what she does? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spencer reminds me of a nursery rhyme, about a cat and an owl in a boat.

She stayed with me on the bed all night, sleeping 4 paws up. And using my waist as a support. Max tried to wake me by scratching on the old magazines, then he stayed by the bed quietly until I woke up. His eyes are cleaner today.

He got a new foil ball this morning, because he lost the old one. After that he wanted to drink water, but Spencer was still on the table. He jumped up too, and Spencer snarled at him. I had to take him aside and give him another bowl.

He is now sleeping in the store room, on account of the heat. He slept in the kitchen last night, next to the tiles.

Hat's eye seemed to have recovered somewhat. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The King. Posted by Picasa

Reached home late and tired. Hat refused to come up with me, just running about in circles.

Dodo is barking up a storm, because she is lonely.

Spencer moved to the kitchen table once she heard my keys in the lock.

Max greeted me with eyes full of gunk, and he couldn't open his right eye at all. His chin was also stained. The eye was teary and sticky for the next one hour. Luckily, after some dinner, nap beside the waterbowl and some exercises, both his eyes are the same size.

I made a small ball out of some aluminium foil, and Max thought it was the best thing. He can kick it around, carry it in his mouth, swat it under the sofa, and chase after it. The ball makes sounds when it rolls on the floor, so it is more interesting than the orange soccer. His saliva won't wet the ball. And worse comes to worst, if he loses the ball, I still have a big roll of aluminium foil in the drawer! Posted by Picasa

This morning Hat was singing outside at 7am. I was surprised, that he would call attention to himself. He was here last night too, at 11pm. He didn't stay. This morning, since I didn't appear, he left. Max sang seconds before my alarm rang.

After breakfast, he kicked the little ball which I made from foil last night, and had a good work-out. He likes to play after breakfast and dinner. Then he fell asleep next to the water bowl. He sill has discharges from his eyes, but not as bad as before. The main thing is to keep cleaning and cleaning with soft sponge and wet cloths.

I had put out more water bowls for Spencer, because if Max is sleeping there, doubt she wants to go near him, then her urinary problem will flare up again. She is OK with Max, as long as he doesn't run towards her or approach her. Now Spencer practically lives on the kitchen table.

Saw Mera at the garden, so gave him some food. Hat still has that squinting eye, and refused to let me touch it. At least now he eats as per normal in the store room, even with Max prowling outside.

Another humid day. Posted by Picasa