Friday, August 31, 2007

It had finally stopped raining.

Max sunbathed after breakfast.

Mera was here at 7am, and I saw him at the staircase landing when I went to work.

The kitties were alright, but they were all VERY hungry. Muzzy didn't show up though.

Hat has not been eating much.
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She was a good mother.
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I woke up in the middle of the night, and Spencer was very excited to see me.

She ws sleeping in Sister S's wardrobe last night.

I didn't see Max.

He was smacked for pinching Spencer's biscuits, and went off to sulk on my bed.

He was hacking on my bed this morning, and I pushed him off.

His stools were solid, but other cats' biscuits will make him throw up and have diarrhoea. He just doesn't learn.
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spencer is very close to Sister S lately.

Ki had pee-ed somewhere in the house. He was here for 72 hours, and he has a very dusty head.

Max had vomitted on the cat nip mat, and the mat is ruined completely.

The morning gang is OK. The AlbinoCalico joined us most of the days, Macky slept, and it always rained after they ate.
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I got 13 missed calls on the handphone, from an unknown number.

I normally don't pick up from unknown numbers.

Then a sms, asking me if I lost any cat. The person asked me to call back quickly, "because the cat is about to run".

Then the person rang again.

I asked for the color of the cat. Based on the description, it was Hat.

I went down, and it was three Malay kids with bikes. They seemed very worried about Hat, because of his limp.

I thought since they had made such an effort, the least I could do is to lock Hat up for the night.

Hat was of course very upset, but he really is in no shape to go out.

He is still limping badly after one week. We are going to the vet on Saturday.
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'nuff said.
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Mera came. Kiki was on the corridor, Max hiding in the room.

Mera left, without any breakfast.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big moon tonight.

We didn't see the blood moon eclipse last night, because of the rain.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It had been raining for the whole day.
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Purrayers and thoughts go to the kitties in Greece. I am sure some are the victims of the fire, caused by human arsonists.
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Oh. Max had left. He will be back on Wednesday.
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Sister S said Hat was noisy and bitey, he made lots of noises, ate the newspapers, clawed at the mobiles, so he was released at 12pm.

I saw him when I came back from work, not looking too good. He hadmore wounds on his chest and limbs. They looked fresh.

He ate plenty, and I let him rest in the cage. Then I fed him his tablets.

He slept for 2hours, and wanted out at 11pm.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hat is still limping. But he ate a lot this morning.

He shredded the newspapers in the cage again, and pulled the towel through the grilles, but he didn't make much noise.

I think he realises that Max is not scary at all, at least not as scary as Mera and Spencer.

I let him out at 9am, but he couldn't go down, because Mera was at the staircase landing waiting for his breakfast.

Sister S was back last night. And Spencer was very vocal this morning.
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Max's Morning Call Service:

jump on bed
walk around to your face
knead quilt
purr up a storm

sneeze into your face
touch your face with his face, which is invariably moist


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nice to see a cat enjoying his nap.
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This morning, the left leg was still swollen.

He didn't like me touching it.

He just wanted to sleep.

Other than his swollen leg and slight fever, he is otherwise OK.

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After two nights of resting, Hat's leg is still swollen. He is weak, and not able to move well.

He hasn't eaten or drunk much, even though I had left him various types of foods.

He also hasn't used the bins.

I had fed him some anti inflammatory and antibiotic tablets.

At 2pm he looked peaky, so I let him out, so he could do his business. He was limping badly.

When I reached home at 6.45pm, he was sleeping on the park bench.

He feels a bit hot. I took him upstiars again. He ate fish, and fell asleep again.
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This picture looks like Kiki is communicating with the BigCatWhoIsInTheSky.

His poor battered paws.

The least I can do is to make sure he eats well.

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Kiki managed to eat one can today, and napped for a little while in the kitchen.
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