Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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I heard Hat jumped out of the window with a thud.

Kiki started to shake his bell and sang outside at 7am.

He and Spencer had a slight scuffle after breakfast.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Latest newsflash!!

Spencer and Hat sharing a sofa!

Hat, Kiki and Spencerr ate at 9pm. Then Kiki left. Spencer was grouchy and crabby for the whole night.

Hat came back at 10pm, and went to bed.

Spencer sulked on the floor.

I carried her to the sofa, because I was watching CSI.

She fell asleep immediately.
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Woke up at 4am with a sharp pain down my back and right arm. I couldn't turn my head or lift my arm.

I thought something was very very wrong. I suspected I had sprained myself in sleep. I tried to massage myself to get the movement back, and the pain gradually subsided.

I had problem lifting my arm in the morning, the pain had lessened. I was quite sure I had pulled a muscle, instead of dislocated some joints.

At least I could turn my head, just that it hurt at certain angles.

I went to the clinic, and it being a Monday, the crowd was impossible. After waiting there for one hour, there were still 14 patients in front of me. I went back to work.

Throughout the day, the pain subsided gradually.

I went for a massage after work. The lady said I was all in knots. She kneaded and plumetted for 40 minutes, and I am feeling much better.

I think I should go again this week.
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I regret to say, the smelly shoes are still out there.......We are seriously contemplating throwing all of them away in the dead of night.
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I always avoid eye contacts with the residents when I feed the cats. And I tend to do it in a corner where most people won't notice.

Sometimes I wear a cap.

Of course the uncle knows me by sight. KindlyNeighbour of course. My next door neighbour. And those guys who watch the birds every morning at the void deck.

But they are at another part of the void deck. The cats don't disturb the birds, and they guys leave the kitties alone.
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Handsome Macky. The uncle always makes sure that Macky is fed.
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If only he is always so angelic....
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Good to see Kiki snoozing in the kitchen since morning. He went to bed immediately after breakfast.
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Muzzy showing off his "Chicken Maryland" thigh again.
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Maybe laughter is the best medicine for Bh2?
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BH2 trying to look like a tough guy today.

His ears seem clean....?
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Macky was sulking, because Calico was not very nice towards him. She slapped him around when he approached.

Muzzy doing the "big" business after breakfast.

Mera seemed very hungry. Sister S said he dectected the presence of Kiki and Hat in our house once he reached the corridor, and refused to take one more step! He smelled faintly of rubbish.

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Hat was a bit alarmed by Macky, because Macky is long limbed.

Actually Macky looks even more like Bastet.
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The breakfast gang. BH2 had finished and was leaning against me, hence the tail.

Calico had a good stretch after breakfast.

Macky wanted the leftovers, but BH2 growled at him.

Calico groomed Ginger, and Ginger licked her back.

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The cats slept through most of the day. The rain abated at 3pm, and we have some weak sun now.
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The incessant rain, the laundry pile, and the fetid shoes of the next door neighbour, it is enough to drive one to desperate murder.
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Hat, for certain reason, copied BH2's actions.

Hat ate in the kitchen afterwards.
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