Friday, March 31, 2006

Woke up at 1oam today. Spencer came to me meowing, as if saying : "WOI AREN'T YOU LATE FOR WORK??!" BH2 was still waiting at the power station, and Hat ran from opposite block. I think he was getting ready to nap. He had lunch, and napped on the sofa with his beloved sofa cover.

I napped at 2pm, because it was too warm and humid. Hat slept next to the kitchen sink. Mera crept in at 4pm, because of the thunders. He went straight to under my bed. Spencer was a bit puzzled with my presence, but she collapsed into her box at 3pm.

Now it is really starting to rain. Posted by Picasa

Hope to be doing more of this, play with kitties, read, watch DVD, and rest, for the next few days! Posted by Picasa

Don't know what this boy is up to! Posted by Picasa

Max in this season's latest look : just out of bed nonchalance.

Courtesy of Gatsby and Loreal, because you are worth it. Posted by Picasa

Silly Max was burrowing in Hat's beddings. Gross. It was because of the catnip pillows hidden underneath. He broke a glass last night.

Reached home just before 12 midnight. Had to stay back because Mr CM is coming tomorrow. Bleh. No sign of Hat, but BH2 appeared when I shook the keys. Spencer was a bit upset, but I did leave more biscuits for her this morning. She had a pee, and is now lying on the kitchen table.

I will be taking a few days off starting tomorrow, hoping to get away from the work stress a bit. The situation may remain the same when I go back, but at least I can cope better, with a few good night sleeps! Pity the others, who had been working hard for the last 2 weeks, with no end in sight. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mera woke me up at 7.30am! The same drill, singing in 4 notes, bells shaking, then he walked into my room and sang beside my bed. I got him some biscuits, and he waited patiently by the food drawer. As a result, Spencer skipped her song today.

Hat was with BH2 at the power station. He wanted wet food this morning, refused to eat biscuits. He was here last night at 11pm, I think because it was too noisy from the opposite block.

Spencer really likes her carpet. It is just enough for one very fat cat, so she doesn't have to share with Hat. The sofa cover is in the wash, because Spencer puked on it the other day. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dear everyone on the blogsphere,

Thank you for your concern for cat_aunty. She is in a bit of a rough patch now, something to do with work and bosses. According to Spencer the Whinge Pot, she leaves home early and comes home late. She grumbles she has spots coming out on her face and ears. If only she has fur, like me!

The disappearance of Auntycat had hit her bad. I had never liked that tortie minx, but cat_aunty always bragged how clever and loyal Auntycat was. Hmph. Anyway, I am watching the woman closely, to make sure she still remember to feed me piles of treats, scratch my lovely tummy and nag me about cars and strange persons. I actually forgo my morning naps, just to wait at the garden and see if she appears! The things I do! How I had suffered!

As for the public enemy Mr CM, we kitties are hiring a group of ninjas to get rid of him, so cat_aunty can be back to normal again. Interested parties, please submit your CV to the nearest pot plants or pillars. Great rewards await you, if we succeed. Don't call us, we will call you.

The blog will self destruct in 30 seconds.


Mera H, the Wonder Tom. ( H for handsome )

Ps: I can't show you my face, I am undercover. Posted by Picasa

A not so flattering photo of Max, for a change! I think he was sneezing .

The funeral at opposite block is still going strong. Last night they played mahjong until 2am. Tonight there is Chinese operas with VERY loud cymbals and trumpets. Groan....Kiki and Mayo watching from the window. Spencer had gone to bed. Posted by Picasa

Max is getting more confident each day. He is more vocal, and has started to jump onto tables, kitchen tops, clothes rack and book shelves. And last week's watertap incident. I had asked sister J to watch him, just in case he jumps down the balcony!!

Mera dropped by for dinner again. It is calming, just to watch him eat biscuits, one pellet by one pellet. He didn't get his breakfast today, and was crying most pitifully when I saw him at the garden. When I left for work, BH2 saw me, and tried to follow me. BH2 started to roll on the floor, Mera watched him for a while, then rushed forward to beat him. Hat watched from afar. The old man downstairs asked me why Mera never finished his food, if he is sick of the flavor. I told him as far as I know, they don't do curry or laksa flavor for cat biscuits!

Hat licked his dinner plate clean tonight. Then Spencer chased him out. As usual.

Mera didn't get breakfast, and was meowing most pitifully when I saw him.

Hat appeared much later, I thought he was lost too, as he skipped dinner last night.

Hat had his breakfast, and was sleepy, but he was afraid of Spencer. He walked in and out of the house, no less than 5 times. I wasn't sure what he wished to achieve with that. Eventually I put him on top of the book shelves so Spencer couldn't get to him. He is snoozing now. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am so stressed I got pimples coming out on my ears!!


The work situation is still not improving, and I think I am burning out soon. Posted by Picasa

Max had a nap.
Then his friend Moo Moo dropped by.
They had a chat.
Totoro bounced in.
And shrunk suddenly,
turning himself into Tabby Cat.
Before Max could take a second look,
Little Wombat was sitting next to him.
" G'day mate ", Max said,
And bumped his nose onto a Cheshire Cat.
" I beg your pardon ", Max apologised,
And Cheshire Cat transformed into Scat Tyco.
" I say, it is all very confusing!"
Luckily Moo Moo came back, and they played piggy back.
Moo Moo fell asleep, and Max could not wake him,
no matter how hard he tried.
Then Max woke up,
and realised he had too much tuna for lunch! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ciao baby!

Mera thanks the chef, for another midnight snack. Posted by Picasa

Mera had been dropping by frequently. Last time he was here, for three times. I made sure I had enough biscuits and water for him outside. I think this being the QingMing period, his mum is busy at work and late in picking him up. Poor Mera!

Funeral at opposite block. The usual noises: monks chanting, mahjong tiles crashing, and the grandchildren ( and their parents ) who don't know any better playing like monkeys at the playground. Posted by Picasa

It was raining in the morning. I sort of heard Hat singing outside.

Woke up and sister S left a cryptic note on the fridge, some thing about Spencer being mad with Hat and I better feed Spencer again. I fed Spencer biscuits, she was OK, not complaining much. I took Hat up, and he looked a bit tired. He jumped on to the TV, and I gave him biscuits. Spencer just sat on the sofa cover and glared at him. I put Hat on to the bookshelves, so they don't fight.

It was only much much later when sister S told me what happened.

Apparently sister S got Spencer her breakfast. She had two bites, and wanted to go outside. Sister S opened the door, Hat slithered in, and head for the food. He gobbled up Spencer's leftovers. Spencer went in and saw Hat eating her food. She was so mad, she ran in and out of the room, twice. I am not sure what she wished to achieve with that action, maybe to wake me up. Hat saw that Spencer was raving mad, and quickly ran away. It was raining, so maybe he was hungrier than usual. Sister S thinks he was being very rude.

I think it will be a long time before Spencer and Hat can iron out their differences. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I was putting the cat food in the store room, and I discovered a new bag of cat food which had been chewed through!! It is not the first time though. Mera, Hat and Spencer all had been caught before, pinching the biscuits this way.

Max getting ready to jump on to the water table.

I had a bath at 11.30am after mopping floor, and when I came out, I thought I saw a big cat at the door. I put on my glasses, and realised it was Kiki!! He had done another great escape!

He came in, chirruping in his own special way. He went to talk to Spencer in the store room. I gave him one can, then he played with his catnip pillow. I was unpacking cat food, and the cats played in the boxes. His owner didn't seem to be too worried about his disappearance though. I wonder if Spencer SMS him to come, so as to beat Hat up.

Kiki had a nap after attacking newspapers, went out, then came back at 2pm for afternoon tea. Spencer was sleeping on her high shelf, and Kiki wanted to talk to her, so he jumped up too. Spencer wasn't too impressed, and swiped at him. Kiki didn't dare to jump down the 5 ft shelf (!!?) and managed to sweep all the trinkets onto the floor. Sigh. Eventually I had to lure him down with some food. Silly boy.

He left again, hopefully going home to have his afternoon nap!

We were not murdering Max. It was when we were clearing the store room, and he was rubbing himself on Hat's beddings. Sister S just squashed him with another cushion, to make Persian burger. Haha.

It was later I realised that there were TWO catnip pillows hidden in the beddings, hence Max' weird behaviour.

Hat popped by at 9.20am, and I gave him some biscuits, thinking he was not hungry. I got out the sofa drape again, and before Hat stepped on it, Spencer was already puffing up, getting ready to cahse him away! I stopped in front of Spencer to stop her from being rude, she yowled, and bit my ankle.

The sky was very overcast when I woke up, so I thought I would go to the supermarket first. When I came back, Hat was sitting at the center of the drape, looking smug. Spencer was hiding under the bed, complaining plenty. Hat 1 Spencer 0, for today.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

This has been a terrible week.

1) Auntycat was not seen since 13th, and her owner put up a missing notice on the 20th. They saw her last on 17th afternoon. 8 days on, I think she is not with us anymore. People had said consoling things, like she had been adopted, she would turn up or lost her way. I had been feeding her for 5 years, I think all the above explainations are impossible. I try not to think about her, where she had passed on, whether she had suffered or in pain before she left, did she cry for us to come and save her. She is a Muslim cat, but I think I will go to the temple and pray for her soul.

2) Dad told us the lump on Lucky is getting bigger. The vet didn't want to operate because Lucky is an old dog, and the lump is near the groin area. The vet had given various antibiotics, which didn't work, and dad had tried TCM, with no success. The vet had confirmed it is a tumour. We had told dad it is best to let Lucky be, and when the time comes, and if he is in pain, we will know what to do. None of us dare to think when that day will come. Sister S said the lump is fist-sized, and Lucky keeps kicking it.

3) The team at work is at shambles, due to some reshufflement of team members and change of leader. Basically we are under-staffed, with too many things going on at the same time. As a senior, I have to be the strongest, and cannot be seen to be upset or grumbling, even though I was going kanasai in my head for at least 1000 times. One team member had a breakdown last night, and some very unpleasant scenes ensued.

3) Boss told me on Thursday that as of 1st of May, I have to work shifts, and one Sunday a month, due to some " benchmarking.....looking into allowances....cost effective..." nonsense. I hate to work shifts, because it affects my sleep. And I haven't been working sundays for like, 7 years. So if this policy is really set by the new Country Manager, as what the top level management had been telling us, then I have some words for you, Mr CM, you are not even worth the wet wipes which I use to wipe Spencer's buttocks with!!

Now I will just go and lie down, read, and hope things will improve next week!

Sister W left for KL, and sister S went home. So it is only Spencer and me for the weekend. She was quiet today, maybe puzzled by all the humans disappearing from the house.

Hat came up for dinner, but didn't stay. I think Spencer is still sore about the sofa cover incident this morning.

Eh how come Max is the guest he sleeps on the sofa, and me THE QUEEN have to sit on the floor?

Received a SMS from sister J, about Max's midnight adventure...

" Woken by loud meow of Max at 3am. Heard loud water noise, thought raining, then realised it is the water tap at my bathroom. He has accidentally turned the lever on and water was gushing out...."

" I think he used his head to lift up, then water came out and he panicked..."

" I spanked him before I went back to sleep."

" It was him. Because he had wanted to jump into the basin many times last night and I stopped him. Just now I see basin got paw marks..."

Oh dear Max....! Apparently he ran into the bedroom and meowed very loudly to wake sister J. And this morning he didn't dare to sing loudly for breakfast, just whimpered when it got late.

But then I thought he was being amazingly clever, to be able to turn on the tap, AND asked for help when he knew he was in trouble!

As for sister J's PUB bill next month.....hoho....

It all started from this sofa cover.

Hat loves this piece of drape. He would tumble in it after breakfast, and mock wrestles with me under the cloth.

This morning I was playing with Hat, and Spencer was glowering at us. I thought the drape was huge, so it should be enough for one very fat cat and one rather skinny cat. I draped the cover on the floor, and placed the cats at each corner. Hat huddled underneath the cloth, while Spencer just sat on it like a queen. Then Spencer came up to sniff the lump, which was Hat. Hat emerged, and chased Spencer. Spencer snarled, and hid under the kitchen table. Hat came back quickly, and sat at the CENTER of the drape.

No wonder he is not very popular.

Another tubby kitty.

Hat sang at 4am to be let in. It wasn't raining or anything, he was mewoing outside. I think he was just being naiughty.

Spencer didn't kick a huge fuss for breakfast, just waited for me quietly to wake up.

Saw Mera's mumfeeding him biscuits.

Friday, March 24, 2006

This morning I was woken up by Spencer's whimpering outside the house. I finally woke up, and realised she had been locked outside. I think Spencer was playing outside, after her breakfast, as per normal. Sister had to bath, so she had to close the door. Spencer doesn't like the gate or door to be closed when she is outside, hence the whimperings.

I opened the door for Spencer, and she started to scream and complain. She went around the house looking for sister, who was still in the bathroom. I am sure Spencer was saying: " WHERE IS THAT WOMAN? WHERE IS THAT WOMAN WHO LOCK ME OUT? HUH? HUH? HUH?"

Silly cat. he gone yet?

Hat hiding from Mera, who was on the corridor with Spencer.

I realised that Hat has white whiskers, Spencer has white whiskers, Mera has white whiskers. And jet black cats have black whiskers. Strange.

Sister W visits from KL, and thinks Max is the most fantastic cat. Max was not afraid of her at all, sleeping beside her in his basket when she was working on her laptop, and following her around the house, even to the toilet. Max visited her room, and stepped on the mattress tentatively. Sister W thinks Max is more like a dog. She is not really an animal person, so Max must have dispelled her misconceptions about cats.

Of course when she comes to our house, Spencer, being her jumpy grouchy self, dashed all her hopes again. She draped the newpapers on Spencer, who was lying on the table. Spencer stormed off. Haha.

Saw Mera snoozing in the garden this morning, but I didn't feed him. I think he knows where to get food.

Hat came up for dinner, a long time after I came back. Spencer chased him away, after he had a mix of wet and dry food.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogger is playing up again. Dang!

It rained heavily at 4am. Spencer was sleeping with me, then Hat started to sing outside. I let him in, to shield from the rain. At 6am, Mera jumped in through the window, and sang. I woke up quickly before sister skinned him alive. I gave Mera some biscuits, and he left through the door.

Mera saw me at the garden at 9am, and approached me for tummy rubs and treats. He was very manja, rolling on the floor, mewing softly, while Hat looked on from a corner. Hat had his breakfast upstairs, and later tumbled in the sofa cover. Spencer was rather talkative today, but she didn't chase Hat away.

When I reached home at 9pm, Mera greeted me, and asked for rubs again. Hat didn't appear immediately, making me worried for a while. I went down to look for Mera, but he had left. Hat his dinner and went to sleep with his toy dog. Then sister told me there was a visitor. I looked out, and saw Mera. He only ate the treats but left the biscuits.

I should put out more biscuits at night. The bowl had been licked clean for the last 2 days, hence Mera's songs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Max uses the piles of old magazines in my room as scratching board. Posted by Picasa


Kids, don't do drugs! Kiki getting all woozy after playing with the catnip pillow. Posted by Picasa

Kiki, this morning, after a good breakfast and catnip orgy. Posted by Picasa

I saw this notice at the lift lobby this morning. It was without a doubt, picture of Auntycat when she was younger. Missing since 17th. I myself had not seen her since 13th. The owner had written in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. And pointed out that her paws are deformed.

I had been feeding Auntycat for the last 5 years. I didn't know she has a owner who cares for her too.

Max is getting better. His appetite has come back. He likes to sit in his basket and watch birds on the corridor. He either sleeps on the sofa or in bed at night.

He hasn't poo for the last two days, and last night he had loose stools again.

Yesterday when I left for work, Spencer refused to go into the house. She preferred to sit in the sun. Since she knows how to jump in through the window, I let her be.