Saturday, December 31, 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! WELCOME 2006! Posted by Picasa

Kiki and Mayo: We want to come out again! We miss the restaurant!! Posted by Picasa

While Mera only asks for free flow of biscuits and treats in 2006, and no other tom cats appear on his territory! Posted by Picasa

Hat hopes to have sweet dreams everyday for 2006....of big fish. Posted by Picasa

Spencer's New Year Resolution:

To be the Queen of my own castle!!! Posted by Picasa

Dear God, I hope my food bowl will always be full in 2006....and I can eat chicken everyday..... Posted by Picasa

Seeing off 2005..... Posted by Picasa

Spencer in her morning room.

Hat was waiting for me when I came back. I talked to Mera's owner for a while, and Hat started to wash his thighs. Apparently Mera was sleeping at 5th floor. Hat followed me upstairs, and was a bit disappointed to see Max still in the house.

Hat ate his dinner and went to bed on the wardrobe. Max started to walk up and down the corridor, and didn't come in to eat biscuits until late. Spencer went to bed for a short while, and woke up after I dropped the bowls on the kitchen floor.

Mera dropped by while I was feeding Max biscuits. Mera didn't come in, just loitering outside the door to make sure I saw him. Unfortunately Max followed me to the door, and Mera saw him. His pupils dilated to the full, and his hackles rose. He was so upset he stormed off without eating anything. Poor Mera! But it was inevitable that he would bump into Max.

The Myanmar neighbour were very surprised to see Max. I think they recognised that Max is a pure breed. They oohed and ahhed at him, as if he was a star. Two of them are new, only here since late last night. Max snarled at them. I thought he was a very clever cat! Posted by Picasa

Oh no, the flat-faced thing is still here!!! Posted by Picasa

A small step for cats, a big step for world peace.

Spencer finally allowed Max to come within her sight, without hissing or growling.

Well done, Spencer!! Posted by Picasa

Spencer with her morning papers and coffee. Posted by Picasa

Max had a bath on Thursday, so his paws are cleaner, and look white instead of dirty yellow. He likes the sun. Posted by Picasa

Spencer at her usual morning spot. And her pet cat. The room gets the morning sunshine, maybe that is why she likes it there.

She is nicer to Max this morning. No more hissing or growling. I think as long as he doesn't approach Spencer, she can tolerate him. One of them scratched the boxes under my bed this morning.

Max was waiting beside my bed when I woke up at 7am, and Spencer at the other room. They were both very hungry, and followed me to the toilet. Max finished one can, and made a huge mess. He vomitted a long hairball last night.

After that Spencer stayed on the dinner table, Max played soccer and was running around like a kitten. And he played chase with me. He poo, and ran somemore. Now he is resting on the water table, looking at Spencer.

I am glad they can get along peacefully now. I don't expect them to hug each other, but as long as Spencer is relaxed with Max around, things should be OK.

Hat came at 8am, and left after brekkie, seeing that Max was still with us. Posted by Picasa

If his fur is longer, Max will look like a typical Persian. Posted by Picasa

Max looking happy, with clear eyes, clean nose and good gums. I still clean his face twice a day, just to wipe off that discharges and stains, but he is better than when we first saw him.

Last night he played mouse and soccer, ate biscuits and fell asleep. He wanted to play with Hat, but Hat was still wary, and jumped out through the window. Spencer was a bit hostile, but not as bad as before. She could stand the sight of him, but Max was not allowed withiin 2 feet of her. Spencer slept with me last night and Max stayed outside. Maybe he slept in his cage.

Max found out about the water table.

Kiki had been looking out the window for hours last night. BH2 wanted dinner, but I didn't feed. Auntycat got her biscuits. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 30, 2005

Hat loves to sleep. Posted by Picasa

Max cried a little bit duting the night, and I asked him to sleep under the bed.

The kids were making noises again, so I had to move to the other room to join Spencer. Hat refused to stay in the house with Max. Max really tried to be friendly, and I showed Hat he could sleep on the wardrobe. Hat couldn't take the stress, and left through the window.

Max brushed my feet with his tail to wake me up.

Hat started to sing outside at 7am. Max was following me around, and touched face with Hat through the netting. Hat Made a great show of being upset with the presence of Max, and refused to eat breakfast until much much later. Spencer and max enjoyed their brekkie, but Max had soft stools later.

Max was trying to play chase with Hat, much to Hat's alarm. Hopefully Hat wil get used to Max soon, and at least Max has a new friend to play with. It takes two to play mandarin soccer.

Spencer is not as hostile as before, but she still forbids Max to come near her, by growling and hissing. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hat likes to sleep behind the curatin. It gives him a sense of security. Spencer likes the spot too, and they fight about it almost everyday.

Max is here. He is OK, happy. He had eaten and played a bit. Spencer is sulking at the kitchen while Hat is watching Max from the room. Posted by Picasa

Hat's silly antics got Spencer excited too, so she did IPPT under the bed, purring loudly. She seemed to be having fun. Posted by Picasa

When I left for work today, Auntycat appeared, so she got her biscuits afterall.

When I reached home, Hat and Mera were waiting downstairs. I got Hat his dinner and took Mera to the 5th floor. He was startled by the fridge deliverymen, so ran home quickly. Kiki was sitting on the window again. I waved at him. He went in and it was Mayo's turn to look outside.

Hat was in a good mood after dinner, and tried to play ambush with me. He hid behind the curtains and pretend to pounce on me. Silly boy. Posted by Picasa

These two were staring at Max, who was in the house at that time. Spencer is twice of Hat's size. Posted by Picasa

Super long tail.

Saw Mera at the garden. Gave him a back and neck scratch, he enjoyed that very much. And he ate some of Auntycat's biscuits. Auntycat no show for two days, hope she is alright. BH2's leg is swollen again.

The one-eyed stray at the opposite block is back. I think someone is taking care of her now, as she looks fat and happy.

Spencer is sleeping on the shoe cabinet, directly above Hat's bed. Hat decided to spend his day at the garden. Posted by Picasa

Max will be dropping again tonight, and stay until 2nd January. Hopefully no more gureilla warfare from Spencer this time.

The kids at the playground were really out of control last night. Hat came up for dinner at 9pm, and went to bed afterwards. At least he was safe. I tried to sleep at the other room, as Spencer was already there. She complained about the aircon and burrowed into my quilt. At 11pm I moved back to my room, I think she followed me later. Some time in the morning the noises started again, so I had to move back to the other room, and Spencer was already there, again. Stupid kids!!

Spencer didn't wake me up at 7am, but tried to eat some biscuits until I woke up and gave her breakfast. Good kitty. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hat hasn't turned up for dinner, obviously not hungry.

Mera paid a surprise visit, I gave me some biscuits but he only ate the treats.

Spencer is in bed now. Posted by Picasa

Sister and mum went to Egypt, and got this picture for me. They were at a fishing village, and this cat is obviously well fed. Doesn't look like an Egyptian Mau to me, maybe just a hybrid.

I am not sure the if cat was ambushing a seagull, or alarmed by the huge group of tourists trooping past.

Spencer joined me at 11pm last night. BH2 dropped by to steal biscuits, and pee on my umbrella. Spencer did wake up, but she didn't say anything. Hat slept on, dead to the world.

Spencer screamed for breakfast at 7.30am, Hat trotted in a short while later. Now he is back in bed. Another overcast day. Posted by Picasa