Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Just like my owner, I don't have the sea legs and I get sea sick when stuck in very small boat.


Help....I am stuck in quick sand....

Hat woke up at 4.30pm and wanted food. I went out for a walk, and when I came back, Mera had taken up position on my bed. At least he waited until I left. I heard he and Hat fought at the painter crane this morning.


Just to show you all that I am actually a very beautiful cat. Mrreowhahaha.


Hat is sleeping on the wardrobe. At 1pm, Mera ran into the house but I didn't see anyone chasing him. He ate and drank and wanted to have a nap. But Hat had taken the wardrobe and I was on the bed, so Mera pouted. He wanted to sleep on the towels. When I tried to move him, he wanted to bite me. Crabby tomcat.

Eventually he came down and I put him on my bed. He didn't want to, and went under the bed.


Kiki is sunning himself after a big breakfast. Actually he is lying smack in the middle of the corridor. A very self assured cat. Or just plain ignorant.


Spencer is sitting on the pc table while I chat and blog. She is more clingy nowadays. And she hates wearing a collar even though it is lightweight.

When I came back at 11am, Mera was ambushing BH2 in the bush. BH2 realised it was me and called for help. I tried to move Mera away but he complained and yowled. I took him upstairs for biscuits and BH2 had the cheek to ask for food again even though he ate at 9am.

Kiki is still loitering, but he did eat. Hat had fallen asleep on the wardrobe again. Mera is gone after his snack.

Still ill, but the fever had dropped. Now it is the headache and body aches.


This is an old photo, Kiki hasn't played with the catnip for ages now.

Mera came at 10pm last night. He just sat outside the door politely. When I opened the door, he didn't come in, as if to tell me he was only here for food. He ate quite a bit. I think 5th floor is giving him dried bread. Hmph.

Yesterday after breakfast Hat slept on top of wardrobe.

Kiki is here this morning, I think he had eaten. He is waiting for me to go downstairs so he can see Auntycat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Kiki doing what he does best, wolfing down food.

He rushed forward when I reached home, but he ate the leftovers and was satisfied. He went downstairs.

BH2 and Hat also followed me. They had eaten, BH2 singing loudly now.

Still very ill.


Hat was shaking his head, so the photo looks blurred.

It rained at 11pm last night but no cats came for shelter until 2am. Mera sang and asked for food, but Hat didn't turn up again. I gave Mera some biscuits and he left soon afterwards. There was another cat singing somewhere at the block.

Kiki was waiting bright and early, he hasn't been doing that for a long time. He ate half a can and went to sleep 4 paws up outside the house as it was cooler. Now he is downstairs talking to Auntycat. BH2 was still sleeping when I went down.

I took Mera up again for breakfast.

It is going to rain again soon. No improvement of headache, maybe it is dengue.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Heat wave, and I have a major headache coming on.

Spencer stayed by the fan, Kiki ate and left to sit with Mayo at the corridor. Hat ate and left also. Now when I bring him up I push him through the window instead of through the gate, so he will learn how to jump in in the early morning.

This morning when I went to work, I saw Mera sleeping in the crane again. I didn't have biscuits with me, so I just gave him a back massage.


The low pressure system is making Spencer sleepy, storm coming. Even BH2 was sleeping. He is sleeping more these few days.

Hat was off his breakfast again, he chose to eat Spencer's diet biscuits, so Spencer had seafood feast.


It was Mera who sang this morning. He could jump in alright but he wanted his biscuits, so he sang and sang. After that he wanted to enter the store room. Silly tomcat.

Hat didn't turn up this morning, maybe it was cooler outside. He didn't sleep very well in the afternoon as it was humid. Spencer also managed only a few hours. Kiki came at night but we were all in the air con room with Spencer so he left after food. Mayo was waiting outside for him.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


The photos is blurred because Spencer was in the middle of rolling.

She vomitted just now, and was out of sorts.

Hat is sleeping now, after a late lunch. He was most unhappy. Kiki had eaten and played.

Found Mera sprawled in the crane they were using to paint the block. I thought he was dead, so I shouted his name. He sprang up with a meow, much to my relief. I gave him some biscuits.


Hat sang outside this morning again to be let in. I think it was 6am. I really have to teach him to jump in through the window as it can't go on like this. He was playing up last night, refusing his dinner and wanting a treat. He obviously was hungry as he was rubbing against furniture and people.

I think Hat ate Spencer's biscuits. As a result, Spencer tried to wake me up at 7am to feed her, by jumping on my bed and me repeatedly. She is 8kg, so you can imagine the force of impact. I played dead, so she gave up eventually and went to sleep also.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Found Mera underneath the block signage. Just then BH2 appeared waiting for breakfast, and Mera gave him the death stare but didn't make a move. BH2 has started to roam and exploring the territory. I gave Mera his biscuits and lured BH2 to the power station. He bite my leg again. Dang tomcat.


Kiki loves to play with rattan stick. He would chew it like a sugarcane.


Hat wanted to come in sometime in the middle of the night because it was raining. He was singing and calling for the longest time. I just let him in but didn't give him food. I think he try to pinch some of Spencer's biscuits and then went to bed.

Spencer woke me also because her biscuits were hidden away and she wanted her food. So I had to get up again to find her biscuit bowl.

After that she went back to bed also.

Friday, August 26, 2005


People complained that Hat is not good looking at all, with his snake like features.

I feel that he is better looking now, after he put on some weight and is more confident in his surroundings. Of course he is not as handsome as Mera or Kiki, but he is definitely better looking than BH2!


Now you see it, now you don't!


Spencer is falling asleep on my bed.

Hat was very hungry tonight and followed me up the staircase. Then he finished the whole plate of fish, felt too bloated, and went to sleep on the mat on the corridor. BH2 was waiting under the tree and I had to look for him for a long time. I gave him cheapo fish and hope he enjoyed that.


This is not some chinese torture. Hat was sleeping on the mat after a very big and late dinner.


Hat finally turned up at 11am, looking for food. I gave him some biscuits and he went to bed. Later I ate chicken rice, and he once again drooled over the chicken. I gave him some lean meat, cut into cubes, and he finished the whole thing in no time. I hope he will settle down now and have his nap.


The two tomcats are driving me nuts. Hat refused to eat and BH2 was picky about the flavor of the leftovers. The cats were all waiting under the tree this morning. I drew BH2 aside because Auntycat doesn't like him. When Auntycat was still at her biscuits, BH2 came back and complained mournfully. Finally I gave him a can of fish, after he finished that he still refused to leave, and giving me looks, so I had to give him another can, which Hat didn't want. I had to sit downstairs to wait for Auntycat to finish, just in case BH2 grabbed her food.

And Hat was here early this morning, singing at the top of his lungs outside the corridor. I had to let him in.

I did see Mera when I went down but when I wanted to give him biscuits, he had vanished into thin air.

Spencer vomitted again, but stomach juices. She is very alert this morning.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Spencer was sleeping on the kitchen table, looking out the window. She occupies most of the table now.

I reached home late tonight, and Spencer was very hungry already. She ate almost one can, and went to bed straight afterwards.

BH2 also complained that dinner was late.

Hat wanted to have some treats first before dinner.

Kiki ate one can and was still hungry, but was forbidden to eat the second can. He looked at the food longingly but left eventually. Mayo was also loitering, but he is still very shy. I saw that one of his whiskers is crimped, I think maybe he is malnutritioned. I don't know any other cats with crimped whiskers.

It is going to rain again.


People complained that there had been too little of Spencer's photos in the blog, so I am trying to rectify that. It is difficult to catch Spencer in a good angle, because of her fur color. She looks best in natural light.

Also people said there are too many photos of sleeping cats. But I do find the them relaxing to look at.

BH2 was already complaining when I gave him his breakfast. He refused to let me put down the food packet even though he was very hungry and inclined to bite. A very trying tomcat.

Spencer is following Hat around, not sure what they are up to. Oops Spencer just pounced on Hat who is washing in the basket. I think Spencer wants to play.


Help......I am choking....! Furballs.....!

We were just talking about Mera last night at 10pm, that he was no-show for the whole weekend, when I spotted him sitting outside our place. I screamed, and he jumped. He was hungry again, I think 5th floor is very sloopy with his feedings. After food and drink, he left with his tail high up.

Spencer had a spurt of energy and played socks and chase with me. She hasn't done that for a long long time. She is coping quite well considering the circumstances.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Spencer suddenly sat on the pc stool this morning, maybe she wanted to get away from Hat who was loitering in the house.

She is now sitting on the kitchen table, looking out, with pointed ears.

BH2 was complaining that dinner was late, and was heard singing downstairs for a long time afterwards. I think he is in heat. I don't understand why he is so hungry, since he always eats twice as much as Hat or Auntycat.

Kiki and Mayo were playing on the corridor. BH2's singing disturbed Kiki, and he had a miffed expression on his face. He came in to eat eventually but refused to play.


I am a computer literate feline, and you all don't mess around with me! I know how to blog too.


Hat was here 9pm last night. I got him some food but he didn't want them. He was staring at the washing machine but we didn't do any laundry last night. He left eventually. A weird boy.

Spencer woke up 8pm, had some biscuits and went back to sleep. She vomitted again this morning, but just stomach juice. She wanted to poo this morning but the bin was not set up, so her knickers was in a twist. Now everything is settled and she has calmed down.

Mera came at 9am to get his breakfast. He was waiting patiently outside for someone to spot him. He left after food, I told him to come back if it rains.

BH2 is not very clever. I pushed the food through the underside of the gate but he had already crawled out. Instead of going back in, he tried to eat the food from outside, using his paws. When I wanted to pull the food packet out, he thought I wanted to rob his food and he refused to budge. I had to distract him with another packet before he moved.

Hat was still loitering after breakfast, eventually I worked out he wanted biscuits with his canned food. Now his tummy is full, he is preparing for bed.

It is going to rain again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Mera was looking out the window from the top of the wardrobe. He was snuggling in a towel.

Now the cats are more used to the camera being shoved into their faces, so I could take some close-up shots without them shutting their eyes in disgust. And they tend to look best under natural lights vs flash. Some cats are of course more photogenic than others.


Mayo was sitting on the window looking at passer by downstairs.

Sometimes Kiki would join him, but it is rather difficult to fit two fat cats on a 4 feet window sill.


A slow day.

Drizzling since morning, so the cats slept in while I read.

Spencer and Hat slept in their baskets and just ate at 4.30pm. Mera came out from under the bed, ate, jumped onto the wardrobe, woken up by 3rd floor noises, ate and went onto my bed. He slept on my quilt again, even though he knew he is not allowed to. He woke up at 5.30pm, I gave him some wet food and he ate a little. I think he had lost weight. Hat wanted to go out after food but it was too wet so he came back in again.


It started to rain heavily with thunder at 10am. BH2 ate just in time, before the downpour. Hat and Kiki I shooed into the house. Before I locked the door, Mera appeared also, right behind us. Hat didn't see him and was wondering what was for breakfast, Kiki already waited at the kitchen. Mera went straight under the bed. Apparently Kiki came earlier but he didn't like the breakfast menu.

3rd floor is doing renovation and the banging and crashing noises disturbed Spencer very much. Kiki was playing with rattan stick so he was very happy. Later he slept outside, behind the pot plants, even though it was cold. He only came in for lunch. I gave him a box for shelter.


Hat is sunning himself after breakfast. If he gets any fatter, he won't be able to balance on the mat. But at the moment, he is a rather handsome cat.


Kiki having his morning tea. He will learn to use cutlery soon.


Look at Kiki's fat paws. His paws are even bigger than Mera's, but they are always dirty.

Mera came in at 7am and sang a song. I gave him some biscuits but I think he really wanted tuna.


No new blogs yesterday as the server was down. People complained that there were too many photos of Hat.

Spencer was ready to have a good sleep-in by 9am yesterday, after food. Hat didn't want to eat, just followed me around. He stayed on the corridor, maybe enjoying the sunshine. No sign of Mera. BH2 also complained about the food, and gave me a nip on the leg for good measures. These tomcats are getting smug.

When I reached home at night, the two boys were suitably hungry so they ate up. BH2 was sleeping on his side as the weather was warm, I almost thought he was dead. After dinner, Hat wanted to sleep but there was some visitor at home, so he left to loiter downstairs. At 12 midnight, he sang 4 notes and asked to be let in. He had some biscuits and chatted with Spencer.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Hat spent the whole day sleeping until 5pm, the he stayed back to eat and play. I think he enjoyed himself. Dad tried to grab Kiki, and Kiki didn't like to be manhandled, so he hissed and puffed. Hat didn't know Kiki was mad, and he tried to play with Kiki, and Kiki snapped at him. Poor Hat. He is really very sweet.

Mera disappeared for the whole day and at 6.30pm I saw him showing his stomach and rolling around to a group of total strangers. Hmph.


Dad had been trying to catch Spencer and Spencer kept hiding under the bed. In the end she relented and even agreed to a photo-op, after a chin rub on the sofa.


I reached home late, about 10.30pm. Hat came willingly when I rang the keyrings, and BH2 was following behind. They both had supper. Hat was wary of strangers but he took it in his strides. Initially he was on top of my wardrobe and he jumped down to sniff the luggage. When he was caught red-pawed, he looked a bit stunned and went to his basket. Spencer was also miffed and she kept snuggling onto my bed throughout the night.

Hat sang on the corridor early morning and wanted to be let in, he thought I was in the room. In the end someone let him in but there was no food for him so he left again. The cats shared a can of mackerel today. Cheapo, but they enjoyed it. Hat is sleeping now, Kiki and Mayo had been here to eat and play.

The cats are aware of the prayers downstairs, it wasn't terribly loud, but the cats couldn't fall asleep easily.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Spencer was hiding under the pc table playing with string.

The weather had finally cleared up and the sun is up. Hat and Mera are still in bed and Spencer just follows me around. The other cats spend their days sleeping while she put her energy to food. Sigh.

Hat and Mera woke up at 5pm, earlier than usual, as Dodo next door was barking up a racket. Hat had an early dinner and is loitering downstairs. Mera had some biscuits and left. BH2 had also eaten.


It rained suddenly in the morning. I did have the intention to go out and stretch my legs, but I don't like to go out on rainy days, so I guess it is another day for me to stay in, read, and be the cats' slave.

I did wake up at 3am and was walking about the house. Spencer woke up to join me. She wanted to attack my big toes in the quilt. Last night we gave her one of Jut's old T-shirt and she seemed to get great comfort in that.

When I woke up again at 9.30am, she just came to me, meowed a bit and waited by her food bowl so I could give her breakfast. Clever cat.

BH2 was sleeping under the generator. Mera, Auntycat and Hat were waiting together at the opposite block, due to the activities at our void deck. I gave Auntycat her biscuits, and carried Mera up with me. He complained a lot and he went into the room so I fed him there. Hat followed us so it saved me one trip. Mera went under the bed and Hat snuggled in his basket. 10 minutes later, it started to pour. At least it covered the sounds of the monks chanting, which I admit is still at a tolerable level.

Next door neighbour got himself another dog, some sort of silky terrier. Maybe to accompany Dodo. Hopefully this will work out for him, the previous JRT was gone after 3 days.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Today would have been a nice day, sunny and windy, if not for the smokes caused by people burning incense to mark the 15th day of chinese seventh month.

Spencer had problem sleeping again but Hat slept quite well in his basket even though I was sunning the mattress. Mera should be hiding somewhere under the bushes.


Hat is sleeping in Spencer's basket, which he is not supposed to do.

He has very good appetite today. I was having chicken rice and he looked at me like his saliva was dripping out. I don't feed human food normally to cats as it is too salty, but he looked like he really wanted a bite. I tore small pieces of meat from the leftover, without chili and skin, and gave to him. He really enjoyed that.

Spencer never touched human food, I doubt she even knows what to do with it. Miao Miao loves steamed chicken wings and fried fish. I think most strays will have no choice but to forage for human food.


This guy is not very popular right now. He didn't appear in the morning, and so we almost missed the vet's appointment at 11am.

I had been searching for Mera since 10am, ringing the keyrings and calling him. By 10.45am I was at wits ends and almost calling the vet to postpone. Then I remembered he did go to the rubbish tip 2 blocks away to sleep sometimes, plus there are poeple at the void deck preparing for prayers, so he should be further away. Sure enough I spotted that darn cat under the rubbish cart. I shook the keyrings and pretended not to see him, so he could come out by himself, without betraying his hiding spot. I gave him some food and bundled him into the cage, much to his displeasure. He compalined all the way to the vet, at the vet and on the way back. We reached there right on time but the vet was performing some emergency surgery so we had to wait for another 10 minutes. I opened the cage door but he wasn't interested to explore.

The vet said Mera is fat and need to lose some weight, and that he would feel drowsy after the injection. And his teeth needs to be cleaned. It was not his usual vet, but another young girl. We reached home at 11.30am, I gave him some food to appease him, and the worm tablet, and he was itching to escape, so I let him out. The weather is fine so he can sleep under a bush somewhere.

I wanted to take a photo of him in the cage, but I don't think he will see the humour in it. When I took out the cage this morning, Spencer ran and hid under the bed.


This is not Ayers Rock.